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You Can Accomplish This Before Your Effing Head Explodes: Another 30 Minute Curtain Project

Remember when I said in a post about a ga-zillion months ago I’d share with you what I did with the curtain on the back main floor window?


Don’t worry, I likely would not have remembered either except for the fact that the curtain was making me positively nuts for months.

In fact, that whole “area” was making me bonkers. . .the curtain, the half-finished paint job on the radiator cover and the transom. . .things needed caulked.  It had to be addressed.

If you recall, I purchased about 6 or 7 yards of Suzani fabric in a color called Corn and made these curtain panels for the front window.  I had just enough left over for the width of the window at the back of the main floor.

I couldn’t make two panels like I did with the front – not enough fabric.  And frankly, there isn’t much to look at in the back so keeping the curtain “closed” was a decent option.  Especially when the weather was warmer and the sun beat down on the back of the house all afternoon long. (There is a shade behind it for privacy and added energy efficiency.)

But now that the days are cooler, we like the light.  And we fill the bird feeder and Mac exclaims “tweet, tweet, tweet” and goes to the window to see the birds at the feeder.  And he likes to pull on the curtain. . .which lead to us clipping up the curtain with clothes pins. ‘Cause we’re classy like that.

Curtain. . .clothes-pinned!

Curtain. . .clothes-pinned!

The more I looked at all that uninterrupted Suzani print, the more I felt as if it too much resembled a cheap tapestry hanging on the wall ala dorm room.

I fooled around with a few variations.

I tried pinning it up to mimic a Roman shade.  I considered making a “real” Roman shade.  I thought about sewing plastic loops or snaps on the back to make a balloon valance. . .I considered just fashioning a valance out of it. . .or cafe curtains. . .

Nothing was really speaking to me in terms of aesthetics or function, especially since I still kinda’ wanted the option of being able to fully close a full length curtain.  Plus I was feeling pretty lazy about exerting the effort needed to craft a “for real” Roman shade or balloon valance.

I stewed.

Obviously, for a long time.

And then last evening as I stood in the basement waiting for the dryer to shut off, I had an Ah-Ha!!!

Before me was several yards of lovely, shiny, slippery, bright fuchsia ribbon.  I’m not sure why I hadn’t though of this before. . .but I’m glad the lightbulb finally came on.


Here’s How:

1.  Hem all sides of fabric to an appropriate length and width for your window.  You can machine sew or use heat activated hem tape if you would rather make this project “no sew.”

2.  Take the lengths of ribbon and loop them over the top of the curtain rod.

3.  Arrange the fabric so it looks pleasing to you and tie the ribbon in knots or bows.

4.  Grab yourself a cookie.  You deserve it!

And yes, I caulked, and painted. . .and cleaned the windows too!  Also?  Sorry for the poor photo.  It’s incredibly difficult to get a decent photo of a window!  

Oh!  Happy Happy!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my sister Dana AND to just born  THIS MORNING little Reilly Amelia, the second child of Mac’s Godparents.

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  1. richardmax22 says:

    Looks pretty classy to me. Of course this is coming from a man that tells my wife anything looks good as long as it keeps me out of work. No, it does look good.

    • Deni Lyn says:

      Ha! Thanks! I’m pretty sure my Husband also subscribes to the “whatever it takes to get out of a household project” idea you mentioned!

  2. I really like the ribbon idea! Of course, I liked the clothespins too, I do that LOL. I esp love how you make your hubs take shoes off in the house, as I do here. Sister!!!