It’s MONDAY. . .The holidays are upon us. . .It’s raining in Baltimore. . .Normally, this would give me some serious snark fodder. . .But I took a very long walk yesterday and apparently all that exercise has scrambled the chemical composition of my brain and I’m feeling dare I say?  Perky.

Yep, not even that juvie Red-tailed hawk buzzing my bird feeder is going to get me down today. . .a bird’s gotta’ eat.  I’d rather not witness it but still. . .

I want to Congratulate Meghan, who blogs at Ratnam Residence, and the lovely Turkish-American Couple from Jive Turkish Blog as the winners of the last week’s Life Well Blogged No Laughing Allowed ebook give away!  I’ll be in touch with you both shortly to provide you the details about how to obtain your copies of this very funny, entertaining book.

Meanwhile, since I’m feeling perky, I’m offering TWO copies THIS week!!  

The give-away runs until 11PM EST on Thursday 12/20.  How to enter?  Let’s keep it simple this week. . .

Comment on THIS post OR like this post.  Each comment and like counts as one entry.

If you’d like more details about the book, or how to purchase a copy for yourself or a friend (makes an awesome holiday gift!), check out this post from last week.

I’ll be back with more regularly scheduled snark soon enough, until then, just in case you need a little laugh. . .Behold small child playing pretend.  I think he’s supposed to be Mr. Blutarsky from Animal House. . .?


No Responses to “MORE FREE BOOKS!!!”

  1. Meghan says:

    Seriously?! I never win anything!!! This is like hitting the lottery! Way to make my Monday. Thanks!!!

    P.S. I think you missed Mac’s invitation to the toga party… too cute.

  2. Jive Turkish says:

    OMG! I won! *faints* 🙂