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A Call to Arms. . .The Hugging Kind. . .

This blog is not a place for political discourse.  I rarely comment on current events.  That’s never been the purpose of this blog.

Yet, the terribly sorrowful events in Connecticut require acknowledgement.

I struggle for words.  I struggle for understanding.  I struggle with my own faith.

I can’t make sense of the tragedy.  None of us can. . .

Yesterday, as I was struggling to be silent, offering my small prayers for peace for the folks in Connecticut, it occurred to me that perhaps, each of us in our own way, can make sure light follows this terrible darkness.

There are children in this country and all over the world that suffer on a daily basis. . .some live in war-torn environments, some lack basic resources, some suffer in abusive homes.  I know that I personally tend to conveniently over-look these atrocities.  They are often just too painful or overwhelming to confront.

Still, children should be safe.  Children should not suffer.

I have a voice.  I have resources.  I have time.  I can help.

It’s too late for the precious little ones we lost yesterday in a senseless act of unthinkable violence, but there are countless others who are at risk, who are hungry, who have needs.

I can help.  And so can you.

It will be an honor to do so. . .in memory of such sweet souls who were taken from this world entirely too soon.

Let the memory of their potential inspire us. . .to give us the strength we need to reach our full potential as a society.

Let’s use our voice.  Let’s be articulate.  Let’s be respectful.  Let’s be educated.  Let’s start a debate.  Let’s volunteer.  Let’s do something.

It’s time to put our collective arms around our children. . .

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  1. Jive Turkish says:

    I heard the news and I cried, so I turned it off. I am amazed by the collective unconsciousness–an amnesia from Columbine to Aurora as mere one-off’s. I wish this were only a dream–for something like this to happen to little ones…Jesus. I can’t…

    • Deni Lyn says:

      We turned off the TV too. . .just after the President spoke Friday afternoon. I didn’t turn it back on until he was speaking again last evening (by coincidence). Regardless of our politics, his message was a powerful one. We can do better for our children. We must. I hope you have a Thank you for commenting. I’m hoping you have a great week.

  2. Kim says:

    That was beautifully written. Thank you!