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HAPPY HOLIDAYS: I Did It AGAIN. . .And Should I Care?

Seems every year around this time, I get extraordinarily stupid.  I don’t know if it’s the holidays. . .or the booze I consume to get through said holidays?

Regardless, I always feel scattered and disorganized and lacking for time.

And this causes me to do stupid shit.

Like A LOT more than usual.

My latest and greatest happened bright and early Friday morning. . .I thought Mac had an 18-month well baby visit that morning at 9.  So we all get up bright and early and haul ourselves to the Doctor’s office timely. . .Only to learn the appointment was MONDAY at 9.

I felt bad for Mac. . .who typically sleeps until 9.  And my Husband. . .who made special arrangements to go to work late. . .

I spent a considerable amount of time berating myself for being STUPID and CARELESS.  I mean really. . .All I have to do is keep the kid and the pets alive and the house in somewhat decent order.

I vowed then and there to stop being so reckless and set up a proper calendar. . .One on the computer that wouldn’t disappear every time my iPhone crashed without having been backed up for months. . .(See?  Another irresponsible thing I do).

I had let my Type A psycho ways slide a little since leaving the world of the gainfully employed but I know the older Mac gets, the more hectic things will become.  Better to get back to it.  Schedule EVERYTHING. . .

Then I started entering stuff into my calendar. . .


I think it should now be abundantly clear why I require excessive amounts of candy and booze and the occasional trashy TV show. . .

Clearly, I’m doing a whole heckuva lot more than just “keeping stuff alive.”

December looked like a miserable cluster of days – chores and events. . .grueling and joyless. . .

So I started adding in “optional” items. . .Dates of our Church’s live Nativity Scene, a Christmas Parade, the Christmas Bird Count, a train ride with Santa at the Railroad museum, a family day at the Meyerhoff where they perform parts of the Nutcracker ballet with a live symphony. . .

My jaw unclenched. . .and I started to feel my own Christmas wonder returning.

Perhaps I shouldn’t care so much if I screw up a few appointments along the way?

This calendar should be merely a suggestion. . .an ideal. . .

Can I possibly meet every obligation and accomplish every task?

Of course not.  Not with an 18 month-old especially. . .

But it’s a concrete reminder. . .

To plan for wonder and excitement amidst all the seemingly mundane tasks. . .And know that the BEST comforts and joys are SELDOM planned. . .

But just to be safe, I scheduled a reminder to myself to get copious amounts of cookies and egg nog!

No Responses to “HAPPY HOLIDAYS: I Did It AGAIN. . .And Should I Care?”

  1. Em. says:

    Well, at least if someone accused you of a crime, your alibis are solid.

    • Deni Lyn says:

      Hilarious! I love it! “Why yes, I was scrubbing the bathtub at 2:30 on Thursday. That’s what I do every Thursday at 2:30. The cat an corroborate. I kicked him off the bathroom sink 12 times while I was cleaning.”

  2. sue diamond-phillips says:

    Ohmyworrrrrd. This same thing happens to me if i write things down. I get so overwhelmed and start praying to Jesus that we get a virus so i have a legit way to get out of things. I so get it.

    • Deni Lyn says:

      I give myself permission to have have a “lazy day” once a week. That means no matter what needs done, I just do the most pressing, the rest of the afternoon I try to catch up on reading and things I enjoy doing. It doesn’t always work but sometimes just knowing I MIGHT have the option helps. Ha!