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Friday Funny: This N That. . .

First of all, I hope you’re at home enjoying your families this morning instead of participating in a Black Friday stampede somewhere. . .Crazy m-effers. . .

Although, depending on your family, I guess I can see how it would be possible you’d rather take your chances getting crushed to death by a mob for a cheap TV. . .

Anyway. . .Here’s what had me laughing my ass off this week.  Check it out.  Maybe you’ll burn some calories laughing. . .

1.  Betty White’s Off Their Rockers – Ok.  I had no idea this show even existed.  For as much as I joke about it, I really don’t watch TV all that much.  Tuesday night about 10 PM I was in bed reading and a “marathon” of this show came on the channel I was “watching.”   I was laughing so freaking hard, I’ll bet the neighbors thought there was something REALLY good going on in our bedroom.  (And THERE WAS!)  I haven’t laughed so hard at something on TV in years.  It’s glorious.  I only wish I could have stayed awake longer to see more!

2.  Blueberry Pancakes – Oh my word, I’m dying!  Check out Dani’s secret recipe on her always entertaining blog Cloudy With A Chance of Wine.

3.  WTF? Seriously? – This is ridiculous.

I gave BIRTH and I don’t see how this is even relevant.  And even if this contraption is based on sound medical science,  aren’t the dangers of falling off a stool in a room full of porcelain and metal fixtures a far more pressing concern?   Aren’t the benefits of keeping your freaking skull intact more important than the medical benefits this stool might offer your pelvic floor?  Can’t we all agree to eat sufficient fiber and not spend 50 minutes on the can staring at our iPhone?  Surely that’s a start right?

Here’s to having a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Aahh, but imagine having the fiber shoot right through you. Healthy and quick. Your phone won’t know what’s happening.

  2. OMG, I am DYING over that “Squatty Potty”. That thing just looks vile! Imagine going into someone’s bathroom and seeing one of those?!?!?!

    Thanks so much for the link back to my blueberry pancake recipe. 😉 I’m so honored to be featured on your site!!!!

    Have a good weekend!

    • Deni Lyn says:

      Happy to mention your post. It was hilarious!

      Squatty Potty. . .I didn’t have time to check out their website but I’ll just bet it’s a gold mine of comedic material (Please, please, please let there be testimonials. Ha)!

      I hope you have a great weekend too!

  3. Judy says:

    You should check out a product before you post a comment. Would love to send you one for review. Squatty potty was just seen on the doctors and also the dr oz show. Squatty potty has changed many people’s lives for the better. Read the testimonials. Just let me know your address. Will sent you one. No problem hurting yourself if you use it properly. Love to hear from you:)

    • Deni Lyn says:

      Hi Judy! I posted the advertisement only because it made me laugh – which is pretty much what this blog is all about. (And you have to admit the Squatty Potty moniker deserves a little chuckle).

      It wasn’t my intention to disparage the product or harm its reputation. I was just making some silly commentary for comedic effect.

      I appreciate your generous offer to send us the product to try. I’m definitely keeping an open mind. I’ll check out your website and let you know.

      Thank you for taking the time to comment. I joke a lot, but I take comments, concerns, and feed-back very seriously – and you certainly have my attention.

      Have a wonderful weekend and kind regards.