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I just did something a little wrong.

Yes, probably worse than the 300 other wrong things I do during the day.

Mac and I were out for our walk and I noticed a block over there were some people knocking on doors in the neighborhood.

I’ve complained about this before. . .but I’ll say it again. . .If I want religion or politics or if I want to sign a petition or purchase a newspaper, I’m capable of accomplishing that on my own.  I do NOT need someone coming to my door to facilitate such things.

I got Mac in the house and the stroller put away.  And while Mac seemed content in the pack and play, I thought I’d sneak a few items into our car since we are going out-of-town and I like to be as prepared (and ready) as possible.

When I went out to the car, I noticed the people at the end of our block.  And they noticed me.  But it was too late to retreat because I was already three steps out the door with a backpack and a few other items.

So I quickly threw everything in the car and ran back in the house.

I got Mac out of his pack and play and brought him to the main floor where I proceeded to undress him. . .completely. . .so we could get a fresh diaper, lunch and fresh clothes before nap time.

He seemed delighted to be in such a free and natural state so I let him run around completely naked while I got started on lunch.

He demanded a large plastic spoon (like a mixing spoon – a BIG one).  What’s the harm?  So I gave him one.

As Mac’s happily running around sans clothes beating the spoon on every solid surface, I hear a knock at the door.


They know I’m in here.

I try to ignore it.

But the knocking continues because duh. . .THEY KNOW I’M IN THE HOUSE!!!!

I respect whatever they are doing on a certain level.  I mean it takes a special commitment to wander around a neighborhood getting doors slammed in your face all the ding dang day.

Yet, I’m still a bitch and the incessant knocking is starting to irk me.

I have to take a stand!  I’m not going to hide in my own home while people pound on the door!

So I grab the completely naked Mac who is still wildly flailing the spoon around, throw open the door and exclaim:  “WE’RE A LITTLE BUSY AT THE MOMENT!!!!”

I’m guessing the next knock at the door will probably be a social worker or law enforcement?

(Please note, I made sure I was holding Mac in a manner that was not “revealing” in any way.  I’m not that horrible!)

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  1. hahaha too funny! I have heard some funny things people do to solicitors but this one was great! I heard of one woman who had a religious group coming every week to try to convert her. She told them that this relationship will not work as she worships the devil (which is a lie). They have never been back,

  2. bwahahaha!! Another very useful use for our little babies. Love it!

  3. Meghan says:

    Hahaha I love it! A month back I was giving Avery his bath (this usually occurs around 630PM) and the front doorbell rang. I thought it might be a neighbor or friend, so I left Avery (I can still see him from the front door (yes our house is that small) and answered it. It was a young guy with a clipboard, probably asking for votes since it was before the election. I held the door open and said ‘I’m in the middle of giving my son a bath’ and he just looked so confused and didn’t know what to say or do and just said ‘oh oh ok’ and backed down the steps. Haha…sometimes babies are the best excuse!