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My Heart Is With You

I’ve been beginning and deleting for at least 10 minutes now. . .which is uncharacteristic of me.

I was always the kid (and adult) that took an entire test and slammed her pencil down on the desk before everyone else victoriously. . .I’ve never been one to check my work. . .(which is why every one of my posts is – are – is – full of typos and other grammatical atrocities). . .

My stalling tonight involves Hurricane Sandy.

I planned to write a snarky funny post about what it was like to spend two unplanned days trapped in the house with my Husband and Kid (believe me, I have so, so much material).

But I can’t.  Not yet.

The devastation and loss this weather has caused is mind-boggling.

My heart goes out to the many that are dealing with catastrophic loss – of loved ones, of property, of all that they held dear, of their sense of security. . .

I struggle for words. . .but my heart is with you.