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Shut Up! Already Sunday


A little bit of Mac when the weather was better.  Took a long walk in Patterson Park this morning. . .Could be the last time we get out for a bit.  Rewarded with a Woodcock.  I believe that’s somewhere around bird number 172 for Mac’s Big (“First”) Year.  (And big thanks to Heidi for putting us on it!)

Have a few items lined up to post but I’m not sure I can get them all drafted tonight.  And I’m not sure if the power will hold.  So I’ll do my best and if you miss me, you know I’ll be Tweeting from my phone. . .in the car. . .in torrential downpours if necessary. . .@homeeckwreck

Big Love to everyone. . .Stay safe. . .

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  1. Georgina says:

    Stay safe! Batten down the hatches and don’t forget to include a few bottles of wine in your emergency dugout!