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You Can Accomplish This Before Your Effing Head Explodes: Die Cut Felt Art

When we were visiting my family last weekend, we realized we had a headlight out on the car.  So one day while we were driving Mac around for his afternoon nap, Chris dumped me off at the local Wal-Mart to fetch a bulb while he continued to circle the parking lot with sleeping Mac.

Have you ever tried to get a replacement headlight?  It’s ridiculous.  You have to use a little computer thing and navigate a bunch of menus before it finally tells you the appropriate light for your car.  And if you take too long to answer the questions, it shuts off and you have to start all over again. . .And you can’t anticipate the next question. . .and I know nothing about what kinda’ effing headlight a 2010 Passat might need. . .In fact that’s the first question:  What kind of bulb – running light, high beam, fog, low?  HOW THE EFF AM I TO KNOW?!  Ahhhhhh!!!!

So basically, I’d stand in front of the little computer thing and text Chris the question.  And he would respond – eventually. . .And I’d go back to the little computer thing, start over, plug-in the most recent answer, look at the following question and text it to Chris. . .There were probably 7 questions. . .

While I was waiting for Chris to respond, I wandered out of the automotive section and into the little section where everything is $1 or less.  I didn’t plan to purchase anything and was basically killing time.

But then I stumbled upon these:

Little die cut felt owls (and bigger acorns).  They were sold in packs of four as coasters.  They were 50 cents.  LOVE.  I snatched two sets.  (I also snatched the only acorn I could find while I was waiting Chris to tell me if we had a Halo Hi something or another.)

But we really didn’t need coasters (even adorable 50 cent ones) so I decided I should do something else with them.  I hadn’t added anything to the wall in Mac’s room for a while so I thought I’d at least use a couple of the coasters for wall art.  (I had considered reserving a few for sewing projects but now that I’ve done this project, I’m considering making 8 or 9 canvases for these little guys and hanging them together for greater impact and interest.)

Here’s How:

1.  I used a 5 inch by 5 inch square canvas.  I already had a few of these on hand.  And I painted each canvas with a neutral light beige paint.

2.  After the paint dried, I took one canvas and used a removable painter’s tape to mark off horizontal stripes.  Then I painted stripes randomly using some of the accent colors in Mac’s bedroom.

3.  While the paint stripes set up, I turned my attention to the plain canvas.  I took the felt cut out, and coated the backside of it with a medium thick coat of (what else?) Modge Podge.  Then I carefully placed it on the canvas.  I allowed it to set a bit and coated the top  and sides/edges of the felt with Modge Podge as well.

4.  Then I pulled the painter’s tape off the striped canvas, made sure the edges looked clean enough and were dry to the touch.  I proceeded to wrap the canvas vertically with painter’s tape and painted some vertical stripes (thinking in my head that the canvas would look sorta plaid in the end. . .Using those Coach plaids from a few years ago with the bright happy colors as inspiration).

5.  Then we had a treat!

6.  Once the vertical stripes were nearly dry, I removed the painter’s tape.  Once the vertical stripes were completely dry to the touch, I glued the felt to the canvas as described in 3 above.

7.  After the felt was dry on the plaid/stripe canvas, I used a very small detail brush and some of the dark aubergine paint to fill in the wings, feathers, feet, head and beak of the owl.  (Leaving the plaid show through the eyes).

8.  Ta-daa!


NOTES:  The entire projects is simple, inexpensive, and quick.  Older children could certainly do this project with just a little adult assistance.

I’m sure you can find die cut felt shapes online or in craft stores, or let children cut their own from sheets of felt.

As I mentioned, I might make more canvases with polka dots, and other designs behind the owl and hang them together in a grouping (of 9 – if I can find or cut out one extra owl myself) for greater interest and impact.

What am I doing with the acorn?  Not sure yet. . .And I wish I had more than one. . .I was considering using it as a stencil. . .We’ll see.

2 Responses to “You Can Accomplish This Before Your Effing Head Explodes: Die Cut Felt Art”

  1. Julie Cooper says:

    I love your creativity! Good thing Chris was slow to respond to your texts or you might not have stumbled on to these gems!

    • Deni Lyn says:

      Thank you! It’s true. If it weren’t for the silly headlight, I would have never found these little things! I usually never check out the dollar bins. I think a lot of stores have them now – Target and the craft stores, even the local drug store. I’ll be stalking them from now on. Ha!