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It’s Our Anniversary!

Today in 2005, Chris and I were married at the Bellagio in Las Vegas. . .

Ahhh. . .those were the days.

Speaking of the good old days, I thought I’d share a story with you. . .Something Chris did. . .and I still married the joker.

In the Spring of 2000, Chris and I rented an apartment together not too far from where we live now.  In the places I had rented before this particular move, I couldn’t afford cable and I couldn’t ever seem to get decent reception for even local TV stations, so I never even bothered to turn on the TV.

When we rented the apartment that Spring, we decided we didn’t need the added expense of cable since Chris was saving for a house and I was anticipating starting law school in the fall of 2001.

And for some reason, we were able to get local TV channels with the help of one of those circa 1976 rabbit-eared antenna contraptions.  After a number of years without television, it felt like a small luxury to be able to watch a little football on the weekends and a few programs in the evenings.

But it’s often human nature to become disenchanted.  And quickly, I wasn’t content to watch the programming Chris was watching on the 6 whole channels we got. . .and vice versa.  However, there was only one TV and there was only one set of rabbit ears so unless we wanted to do something like – say, actually talk to one another – we had to find a way to compromise.

Chris figured out a fool-proof method.  And I was the fool.

Since I hadn’t seen television in years, I didn’t know what time programs came on TV or which ones were in syndication and so forth.  Chris used this to his full advantage.

Whenever we were watching TV together and we were flipping around looking for a show to watch, sometimes I’d pause and he would say, “We don’t want to watch this, it’s Touched By An Angel.”

And of course, I would agree.

This went on for MONTHS.  Yet, it never once occurred to me that Touched By An Angel was on nearly every one of our 6 damned TV stations EVERY time we were watching TV.

Yes, I did get accepted to Law School, worked full-time while in Law School and passed the Bar on the first try. . .Yet, apparently when it comes to TV, I’m dumb as rocks.

More months passed and one evening, Chris pulled his Touched By An Angel routine but I asked him to hold up a minute before flipping the channel because apparently this Touched By An Angel involved ballet.  I took ballet lessons for a number of years and I still very much enjoy watching all kinds of dancing.

Chris agreed we could watch for a few minutes.

But then a few minutes turned into a few more minutes and the dancing was continuing.  And I didn’t see one damned character from the show that I had seen on commercials for Touched By An Angel.

Still, I hadn’t connected the dots.  

So while we watched, I asked Chris if he thought it odd that we had been watching for a while and hadn’t seen any of the main characters from the show in so long.

And he burst into hysterical laughter.

So. Busted.

Of course he knew I wouldn’t ever want to watch a show called Touched By An Angel, so he had been telling me for MONTHS any show he thought I might have a remote interest in watching was Touched By An Angel.

Well played, Chris.  I’ll bet after all these years, you ain’t laughing so hard now, are you?!

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  1. Meghan says:

    HAHAHA! Adorable story! You hubby is quite a trickster…

  2. Very cute story. I will need to use that in the future.