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My Love Affair Continues. . .

I know I’m beating a dead horse but I can’t say enough how much I still love our Sleepy Wrap baby carrier.

Yes.  I realize Mac isn’t so much a baby any longer. . .but we’re still in love with it.

Granted, it doesn’t see nearly the action it did when he was younger but I find it’s always good in the clutch.

When Mac was very small, I had him in the Sleepy Wrap a LOT.  Like nearly every waking and sleeping minute.  As he got older, I used the Sleepy Wrap whenever I wanted him to fall asleep and whenever we would go somewhere I couldn’t use a stroller.

It’s really nice to be hands-free as well as not struggling with a squirmy baby in a museum or professional office setting. (Not that I often see the insides of those sorts of places very often these days).

These days, under most circumstances, Mac will nap willingly.  I just put him in the crib when he’s sleepy, say a few kind words, and walk out of the room.  However, sometimes in the evenings, despite being tired, he wants to stay awake.  I’m not sure if that’s partially because he has a lot of fun with Daddy in the evenings?  Sometimes, I know his teeth are bothering him and that makes him reluctant to go to sleep on his own.

Whatever the issue, the Sleepy Wrap has worked so far, 100% of the time.

If he cries for more than a minute or two in his crib at bedtime, chances are he needs a little extra snuggling.  So I go to his room and we cuddle in the wrap for a few minutes until he’s nearly asleep and then I place him in his crib.

Yes, he’s getting big.  Yes, some days, it’s not that comfortable for me to stuff him in the thing, but it’s so stretchy, it could easily accommodate an ever bigger child, so long as your back is up to the task.

I realize every parent has their own way of helping their children sleep and I am not suggesting the Sleepy Wrap is for every parent and child.  However, I will forever be madly in love with it.

As noted in my previous gushings about the Sleepy Wrap.  It is now sold under the brand name Boba Wrap.