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Father Son Art Appreciation

Mac really loves books and we love that he loves books.  When he brings us one, we’re pretty much willing to drop whatever we are doing to read to him.  And of course we read before nap and bedtime.

Recently, we purchased him some new titles.  Plus, while I was in the basement sorting through some adult books, I found a few sturdy art books and bird guides that I thought might be fun to tuck in with his book collection in our living room.

I was curious to see what he might do to the books when he found them.  Would he tear out pages?  Would he even look at them?  I was pleased to learn he does like to look at them and he hasn’t been rough with the pages. . .so far.

I know it might seem a little silly to give a 16 month-old books of Monet paintings and bird photographs but you would be surprised the things you can talk about and the stories you can make up just based upon a painting or a photograph.

And boy was I surprised when I overheard my Husband and son looking at one of the art books:

Chris:  “Look Mackinley, here’s a painting of some boats.”

Mac furiously flips pages.

Chris: “Oh here’s some freaky sculpture.”

Mac flips more pages.

Chris:  “Ooooohhh, now we’re getting somewhere!  I like where this is headed. . .it’s a half-naked guy in a woman’s arms. . .Wait.  Squinting harder at the picture.  Is that half-naked guy supposed to be Jesus?!”