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Stuff We Love: B. Woofer

If you visit frequently, you know that I’m anti-kid-junk-overload.  When we learned we were expecting, we agreed we would really try to focus more on experiences and making memories rather than continuing to mindlessly purchase things as we (ahem I) had been doing for the better part of our adult lives.

We try to spend a lot of time with Mac experiencing things. . .seeing different things, trying new things, experimenting, reading, laughing.

HOWEVER, it is nice to have a small arsenal of toys and books that the kid likes to independently play with so I can oh say, make a salad or tinkle without him hanging on my leg.

And for months and months, we had a pretty good arsenal.  Yet, I had been noticing over the past 3 or 4 weeks, he no longer went to his toy basket when he was “left to his own devices.”  Rather, he was more interested in looking at books or playing with some plastic dishes.

And truthfully, we hadn’t purchased him a new toy since way earlier this summer.  Nor had I given much thought to switching in some of the toys in his room that he doesn’t play with routinely.

But the time had come:  He was bored with his toys.

I knew I had a few things in his room I could use to switch it up.

Yet, admittedly, once in a while, there’s nothing better than something really novel and brand spanking new.

So Friday night, we headed to Target.

I hate the toy sections. . .I hate the recommended ages on the toys. . .I hate the plastic stench and little parts that Mac inevitably hurls down the stairs where they lie in wait for me to step on them in the middle of the dark night. . .I hate the pressure I feel to make a good decision about a toy that is just right.

Chris and Mac hit the toy aisles before me as I was skulking around the clearance racks for a few discounted button up shirts for the kid.  (I know it sounds cheap but honestly, he wears them once a week for Church and he out-grows them so quickly – if he doesn’t ruin them first – it just doesn’t make sense to pay too much for them).

So when I got on the scene, Chris had already put a few options in the cart with Mac to see if he was diggin’ them.

He kinda’ was. . .

But I wasn’t seeing true love.

Eventually, Mac discarded something that forced Chris to depart so he could put it back in the appropriate spot.

That’s when I made my move.

I steered the cart to the most novel-looking toys I had seen in the whole joint.  These were toys I wanted to play with too.

Mac and I perused the selection.  Some of the stuff looked a little over-priced for my estimated long-term entertainment value.

Then I found this!


I wanted to jam out on this sucker.  I offered it to Mac and started pressing buttons.  The first song was BINGO – one of his all time favorite jams.

His tired eyes light up.

It was $23.99.


Daddy arrived on the scene and tried to help us think rationally about our impulse purchase (it’s going to be noisy and effing annoying) – but to no avail.  B. Woofer and all his annoying racket was ours!

I love B. Woofer for so many reasons:  It seems sturdy, it has volume control, the design of the device is adorable genius, the music is not exactly childish – it’s entertaining and it includes diverse musical styles.  Plus, it’s comfortable to operate for kids and adults.

But here’s what I love most about B. Woofer – it comes with an instruction booklet that actually includes not only lyrics but also chord progressions for the songs it plays.  So while Mac is rocking out to fun tunes today, in a few short months, we can teach him something about the actual mechanics of making music.

I can’t wait!  I’ve always been a sucker for a guy with a guitar.

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  1. Kristi D. says:

    Looks like a pretty cool toy. Thanks for doing the leg work and sharing your knowledge!

  2. hnMom says:

    Oh, Livi and I both love the toys from this company. She’s actually got a few, but it’s been a while since she got anything new. Now you’ve made me all curious about the woofer so we have to go and check what they got at our Target. They do have the best deals for B. toys. 🙂