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Reluctant Mother Remains Calm When Vaca Plans Literally Go In Crapper Plus A Bonus Turd In the Punchbowl

So this is the state of affairs around here this afternoon.

Except there’s one aspect of this debacle you thankfully can’t experience:  The Stench.

See, we are supposed to get out-of-town for a few days to do some birding in the southern part of the state.  (Staying in a hotel. . .with a waterfront balcony and proper room service, thank you very much).

But predictably something has gone horribly awry.  

The dog is sick.

Not Satan’s Lap Hound, he’s waaaaay too ornery to get sick.  

Molly, our much-loved 14-year-old Labrador Retriever, is sick.  She has chronic colitis and either it’s flaring or she actually got a stomach bug when she visited the Vet earlier this week for some routine blood work.

Either way, the end result has been a wicked smelling, seemingly continual mess in our living room.

It started yesterday morning. . .but then seemed better.  Then Chris mentioned she had an accident at some point during the night.  Yet she seemed to be resting comfortably this morning, so Mac and I took a little walk, and when I returned, I could actually smell the mess before I even opened the front door.

I can’t leave a sick dog with our pet sitters.  That’s just wrong.  Plus, what if she gets worse?  We owe it to her to be here for her.

But what about our trip?  And the hotel cancellation policy?  And all that fucking laundry and packing I’ve done in anticipation of the trip?!

Doesn’t matter, none of it – It’s just not happening.  

To add insult to our last-minute cancellations financial injury, poor old dog still needs another trip to the Vet just to make sure she’s ok and to get some medication to stop the doody already!

It’s no secret I LOVE our Vets.  They are wonderful, dedicated, and always give sound medical advice, which is great because with all of our clunker pets and their medical conditions over the years, we see them a LOT.

In fact, I’m certain our visits have funded at least one year of Ivy League education for their son.  We exchange holiday cards.  We have their private cell phone numbers in case there’s a horrible emergency.  They’ve been with us during the dark times we’ve had to euthanize our pets and they were our heroes when Molly needed an emergency tracheotomy, breathing tube, and a trip to an emergency clinic.  (Yeah, that little adventure cost more than my first 2 cars combined).

So you can imagine my surprise when we called to schedule Molly an appointment for later today and they told us an earlier afternoon appointment was going to cost an extra $40.  Um, you’re a vet.  You see sick animals.  When animals are sick, it’s usually important to see them in a timely manner.  Doesn’t it feel WRONG to charge extra to see them sooner rather than later?

I’m sure this cost is somehow justified, but after everything else today, it really felt like a turd in the punchbowl. (Do you sense a theme here?) An appointment at 3:30 costs $40 extra.  So we opted for the 7:00 time slot.  And hey, after 2 days, what’s another 3 hours of a 75 pound dog’s intestines exploding all over the place?  

The trip has literally gone in the crapper,  but I know in my heart, the important thing is Molly starts feeling better. . .

And that I don’t run out of Clorox wipes. . . 

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  1. Oh, you poor thing. I’m so sorry your plans are in the shitter (literally). You did make the right choice though. Hopefully you can make some fun plans for the weekend – fort in the living room, birding in your local park, lots and lots of wine…


    • Deni Lyn says:

      Thanks! It’s going to be great no matter what. I was actually getting a little scared we might have even worse news at the vet. I’m just happy to have the old dog with us a little longer. She’s very special for so many reasons, but certainly holds an extra special place in our hearts because she’s how I met Chris. Or more accurately “baited” Chris 🙂

  2. hnMom says:

    Aw, I can totally relate. We’ve canceled a few trips for our cats and it was always the right thing to do. They need us just like kids, especially when they are sick.
    I hope she feels better soon and it’s nothing serious. And I wish you guys a wonderful weekend. 🙂

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