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Hey! Pssssst. . .

I’m curious. . .

Would you be interested if hosted a #ReluctantMother Twitter sorta “Romper Room” for us?  We could cover any topic you’d like.  (Except for stuff I hate. . .Hold up. . .actually, that would probably be the most amusing).

If you are interested, let’s get on the “Tweeter”!

I’m thinking #rmtfr2 (Reluctant Mother Tweets from (romper room) R to the second).

If you want to Tweet up when is the best time to do so?

Would you be interested in seeing live video of us “in action” sometimes?

Why do I ask?

Musings of A Mom, Interrupted gave me the biggest complement ever (EVER!) when she commented “I love following your blog.  It has gotten me through many nighttime feedings! smiley face!”

When I read that comment, it made me feel so good to know that my snark spewing, and cursing was making a difference in the life of yet another parent that was so much better than I.

Please, allow me to make you feel better about yourself!

What can I do to make you laugh more?

I can’t wait for these comments.

There will be comments right?  Please?

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  1. I will be the first one to subscribe to this!!! Your blog and tweets really do make my day – you are hilarious, but you are also a great mother. That much is obvious in your writing. I am totally on board for this, so keep me posted!

  2. Georgina says:

    Hey! Good idea #rmtfr2. You would be like the new YOLO or ROFL #Right Mother Effer 2. Nope, in all seriousness, FUN, go for it! I look forward to the first topic. I’m too old for videos. I like the written word (even though how much easier is it to learn how to braid hair with a vid, stoopid still pictures) but I could be persuaded.

  3. Aw, thanks for the mention Deni! I too am an old fashioned kinda gal regarding written words vs. video. Plus, I have never tweeted (GASP). I did sign up for a twitter account, but when I logged in I got the deer in a headlight look and started banging my head on the wall in confusion.

    (I either need to invest in a new bike helmet, or find someone to hold my hand until I get my mind wrapped around it.)

    We could discuss the success of the Presidential Debate drinking game. Or the bogus Privacy Rights posts that people insist on putting on FB. We could delve into something heavy like Lane Goodwin’s hospice care as he finishes his fight with cancer. Or, something completely random like why I like cold oats and milk better than cooked oats. Maybe, “Why Johnny Depp is so much more appealing than Channing Tatum, but still isn’t near as YUM as Daniel Craig’s version of James Bond…”

    Shall I continue? 😉

    • Deni Lyn says:

      I love your ideas! I’ll get my thoughts together and maybe we can “tweet up.” I wasn’t sure how I’d use video. . Not to take place of the writing but maybe if I had a funny one. . .Although, whenever someone else posts video to their blog, I frequently skip over it, so maybe the editing and so forth isn’t worth the time. Thanks for the ideas and comments. . .I’m off to find a recent Bond movie on TV! 🙂