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You Can Accomplish This Before Your Effing Head Explodes: Ikea Ribba Shadow Box Frame DIY For Birth Announcements

My Mother-In-Law celebrated her birthday with us last evening.  We took Mac and our nephew to the pool and then we had dinner and cake.

Of course, we were a tad behind in the actual logistics of getting a gift.

It’s not that we don’t care.  It’s just sometimes difficult to find an appropriate gift, especially for our parents and adult siblings who are all fortunate enough to already seem to have so many lovely things. . .and frankly, do not need a bunch of “extras” hanging around.  But I know the Grandmas especially like pictures of their grandchildren so that’s usually a good and easy gift.

Remember a week or so ago, I spray painted some small, plastic animal figures intended for children?  And we all thought that was probably a waste of spray paint?

But I promised you I had an idea for them.

And for once, the execution of said idea went completely right from start to finish.

For a while, years ago, I would purchase random photo frames when I saw a nice price, thinking I would eventually use them – we take a LOT of photos. . .even before the kid was born.  A few months back, I came across two white Ikea Ribba Shadow Box style frames I purchased years ago.

These frames were kinda’ a “odd” square size.  And likewise, the nice white mat was also a bit of an odd size for a standard 4 x 6 or 5 x 7 photo.  But I held on to them because I felt as if I could do something with them.

Then one day I realized that Mac’s birth announcement (a DIY from Shutterfly) would fit perfectly in the mat.  I knew with a little extra attention, I could make a nice frame for his birth announcement. . .and since I had two, I could make a frame for each Grandmother.

I spray painted both frames silver.  And then did nothing with them for approximately 6 months. . .

But the night before last, I got to it.  Here’s how:

1.  Disassemble the Ribba Frame and spray paint the two “frame pieces.”  There’s an interior and an exterior component to the frames.  Be sure to use light even coats of paint so there’s no dripping or pooling of paint.  (Or if you prefer, just leave the frames black or white depending on the colors of the item you wish to frame.)

2.  Find a pice of medium or heavier weight decorative paper.  Using a brush lightly coat the front side of the photo mat with modge podge and flip it onto the decorative paper.  (Front of mat to backside of paper).  Slide mat and paper along a smooth hard surface pressing firmly to work out any creases or air.  Allow the modge podge to dry for about 15 minutes or so.

3.  Trim the decorative paper neatly around the mat leaving about 1/2 inch extra around all sides.  Then, you’ll want to miter each corner for a smooth fit.   At each corner, make a diagonal snip in the paper to just the very tip of the corner of the matte.  Fold each side around the back of the matte and secure with modge podge.  Carefully trim any extra corner pieces.

4.  Using an Exacto knife, repeat the process for the interior of the mat (i.e., the hole where the photo goes).

5.  Take the interior component of the frame and decide where you would like to secure the plastic animals.  Very very carefully, use a bit of a heavy duty adhesive (I used some crazy strong E6000) to secure the animals to the frame.

6.  Clean the glass, attach photo to mat, and reassemble.

7.  The whole project took just a matter of minutes once everything was painted and dry.

My mind is full of other ideas for Ribba Shadow Box Frames. . .I’m thinking crayons ala WifeMotherEventPlanner, or Pez dispensers, or shells for vacation pics.  I should probably just go buy out the local Ikea now.

My only regret?  I wish I had done the other frame at the same time. . .now I’m just going to procrastinate on the other one until it’s time to give it to my Mom!

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