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Husband Blows. . .Me AWAY!!!!

We chose this decorative metal since it’s the same color as the radiator.

There’s an ongoing power struggle in this house. . .

Kid v Everyone and Everything. . .

Unless there’s the threat of bodily injury or permanent emotional damage, the kid usually wins.

It’s infinitely easier that way.

Which is why this house is being systematically emptied of its contents.  And the dogs are forced to hang out almost exclusively in the living room.  And I can’t open a door, drawer, or appliance without employing some crazy MacGuyver skills.

There seems to be no rhyme or reason to what tickles the kid’s fancy these days.  Although, I can say with nearly 100% confidence, it’s never his toys.  They are sooooooo 3 months ago.  

Since the oven and dishwasher are on lock-down, the ever resilient kid has taken a real shine to the radiator in our kitchen.

Mostly, what he likes to do is stand in front of it and lick it.

I’m not sure why he likes to lick it but you can imagine this displeases me greatly.

The radiator is OLD.  And it’s painted with a dull bronze/brassy/gold paint of unknown origin.  When we remodeled the house, I insisted the radiators stay since they were part of the original details of the house.  And while we worked diligently to remove all traces of lead based paint from the house, for some reason we never once considered the radiators.

But you know what pops into your mind immediately when you see a 15 month old licking a radiator?

I’ll give you a hint. . .


Now, the paint wasn’t peeling or chipping (which is likely why we never even considered repainting them years ago. . .

But that still didn’t give me much comfort.  I wanted a lick-proof surround for that sucker fast.

So we headed to the Internet to search for radiator covers.  And we found some.  But we quickly realized getting radiator covers was going to be expensive.  Nearly every radiator in our house required “custom” covers due to their size or the way the pipes were arranged.  Sigh.

We considered going to an architectural salvage store in the area to see if they had any covers that might be appropriate but then we decided those covers were likely also covered in questionable paint.

And just as I was preparing to bite the bullet and shell out several thousand bucks for custom radiator covers, I noticed a small stack of wood tucked under our sofa one day.

“What’s this for?” I queried.

Chris made a sheepish face and said he was going to attempt to make a radiator cover.

MAKE a radiator cover?


I pretended to be very, very pleased.

It’s not that my Husband can’t do handy-man type projects.  It’s more a matter of he doesn’t seem to enjoy doing them.

He’s never actually told me this.  I just assumed the huffing, puffing, and continued cursing and slamming stuff around was evidence of his displeasure.

I know he’s capable of doing the work.  I just feel badly asking him to do it.

So you can imagine my surprise when he managed to crank out this sucker with minimal strife:

I still have to caulk/patch seams and paint it white to match the rest of the trim in the house.  Practically lick proof eh?

I was blown away by the whole thing. . .Thank you, Husband. . .Only 4 more to go!

Oh, in case you were curious, the wood was about $75, the paint was about $30 (not that we’ll use a full gallon on this cover), and the decorative metal was about $70 (but we have enough left over to use for a smaller radiator in another room).  So this project was way less expensive than the $400-$600 brand new, metal custom cover we found online.

Unrelated:  My postings might be a bit irregular the rest of this week.  One of our nephews is visiting for a few days and we’ll be enjoying his company.  Hopefully, he will enjoy ours. I’ve gotta think a toddler is highly annoying to a 12-year-old boy. 

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  1. That looks great! And I really did snort when I read “OHJESUSTHISISGOINGTOINVOLVESOMUCHCURSING.” Sooooo my house and my hubby. He’s about the same – very handy, but very much prone to cursing his way through my many projects. Oh, and he has a tendency to not finish a lot of things, but I’ll save that for one of my own rants…

    P.S. My vote is to leave the wood alone or stain it, but I’m kind of a naturalist that way… 😉