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It’s Happening!! I Can’t Believe It’s Actually Happening!!

Riding around the kitchen naked will tire you out!

No. . .not as it relates to my rotting eggs. . .Well, at least not yet. . .Thank you for all your kind and thoughtful comments by the way. . .You guys are very sweet!  

Now that I’ve gotten you all cranked up about possible baby news, let me assure you I still find what I’m about to tell you VERY exciting. . .

Mac is starting to go to sleep in his crib by himself consistently.

You might remember my Husband and I agreed that we weren’t going to allow Mac to cry it out. (And here).  It just wasn’t for us.

Plus, we developed a system where we’d wedge Mac in his Sleepy Wrap and he’d be out cold in a matter of minutes and he’d allow himself to be transferred to the crib with little or no protest.

So yes, if you’re staring at this in disbelief, I’ll be very clear, up until a few days ago, we NEVER  put Mac in his crib awake, expecting him to fall asleep on his own.

I KNOW!  The pediatrician warned us that he was “working us” and told us to let him cry it out.

It just never seemed logical to me that we should all suffer through an extended crying fit when I could effectively get him to sleep in a few minutes with little time or trouble.  So I ignored her.

However, once Mac turned a year old, some doubt about our methods was beginning to creep in.  He has always been a pretty good sleeper – unless he’s teething.  So he would sleep through the night with hardly a peep. . .

BUT should he be falling asleep on his own by now?

I wasn’t sure.  Dr. Sears says eventually, the child will start to do so. . .Of course, there’s no magical time offered.  It all depends on the child.

In all honestly, I wasn’t really in a huge hurry to give up the 15 minutes or so of quiet time we have together while he falls asleep in the Sleepy Wrap.  EXCEPT for the fact that he’s getting bigger. . .And it was becoming less physically comfortable for both of us to have him fall asleep that way.

And most recently he began to startle on the transfer to the crib requiring some cajoling to go back to sleep once he was placed there.

I was starting to feel slightly anxious about getting him to sleep at night.  (His naps never seem to be an issue).  And frankly, I couldn’t picture myself being as huge as a hippo, trying to get him to sleep in that Sleepy Wrap if we decided to have another child.

Had we really screwed this up?

But just before too much self loathing and panic could set in, my Husband suggested just allowing him to remain awake after I take him out of the wrap.  Perhaps give him a toy or two and walk out of the room.

And you know what?

I’ll be damned if it hasn’t worked!

He’ll protest a little when I leave the room but mostly he just plays for a few minutes and goes right to sleep.

I realize there are going to be more teeth. . and other disruptions. . .but for now, it feels positively AWESOME to put him in his crib and retreat to my own bed.  I’ve even read an entire magazine over the course of several nights!

Now, anyone have any tips on convincing him to keep the hell off the over door?

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  1. hnMom says:

    That is so great, congratulations! Glad it all worked out so well.

  2. Congrats! This just goes to show that your instincts were correct, and good for you for listening to them (and for having the patience to wait!). I so wish it had been as easy for me to get my child to sleep for the first year – 15 minutes in a wrap sounds heavenly compared to what I endured! Oh, and by the way, I just read your other posts about CIO, and cannot believe your in-laws let him cry!! OMG, my head WOULD’VE turned around!!!

    • Deni Lyn says:

      Ha! I was pretty hot with the in-laws for a while over that one. But in hindsight, I’m certain I was just over-reacting at the time. You know how you feel in those first (desperate) few months. Clearly, they’ve done a great job raising 4 of their own. And thank goodness you found something that works for Bubbs now. . .we can (almost) look back and laugh. 🙂