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Adorable Toddler w/Minimal Defiance Issues ISO Like Minded Toddlers For A Good Time?

His one true friend is the dishwasher. Sigh. Sad face.

We went to the pool today.  It was great fun.

And the most children of Mac’s own age that he’s ever seen in one place.

Boy, was he interested.

He’s a pretty friendly kid.

Ok.  He’s a complete ham.

With adults and children of all ages.

Could he have a future in Hollywood?

Don’t worry.  I’m not THAT delusional.

I am however, insane enough to be obsessing over our daily routine and my parenting after our visit to the pool.

Mac really wanted to interact with the younger kids.  But he doesn’t have much chance to hang out with kids his age.  He’s frequently with Momster or his Father or his much older cousins.

We have plenty of friends with children.  Unfortunately, since they all have children, and a lot of my mom friends work outside the home, our schedules don’t mesh that well.  The same for the children that live on our block.  We see one another in passing but there aren’t “play dates” yet or anything of that nature. . .

And up until this afternoon, I didn’t think Mac needed too much of that.  But after seeing him take such a keen interest in all of his teensy SPF shirt and sunscreen sporting peers, I’m having doubts.

Are my doubts justified?  I’m pretty sure when I was 14 months old my Mother wasn’t worried about “play dates.”  Is there a standard level of “socialization” a 14 month-old should have?  That makes him sound like a puppy doesn’t it?

He was very nice to the other children and shared his pool toys and their pool toys nicely and I’d like to keep it that way.  I don’t want to be dragging a 26 month old maladjusted bully to the same pool next summer.

Any other Moms have thoughts on this one?  Am I just being the same freaky ding dong that was convinced yesterday I had sleep apnea?  (PS According to WebMD and Wikipedia, I most definitely do not – whew.)  Should I be looking for more “friends” for Mac?  Especially when I don’t need a too many more friends for myself, I am already desperately out of touch with the awesome ones I love so much. 

Anyone?  Anyone?

PS If I might, I’d like to make a preemptive comment response:  If anyone dares to suggest I start a damned playgroup, you can pound muthereffing sand.  No way.  Not for a 14 month-old.

Give it up.

Seriously.  Not happening.

Although, I’ve always wanted to start a supper club. . .

And could we have a kid-friendly supper club a few times a year?  

This is crap.

I’m going to bed before I  convince myself this is the greatest idea EVER.

It’s not that bad. . .You have to give me that much. . .Kids cooking with adults and other kids. . .sitting down at a communal table. . .Enjoying good food and good company. . .It probably imparts something wonderful in their early childhood development which will keep them from sitting in a dark room, in front of a computer, alternately swilling wine and iced tea when they become adults. . .

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  1. I have the exact same fear (about no social time with other kids), which is why we’re moving! Whenever we go to the park, I see all of these kids playing together, and my child could give a rats ass about any of them. In fact, last week I caught her yanking on a little boys hair after he crawled up to see her, and a few days after that (when I did meet up with a couple of other moms with kids) she yanked a hat off of a little girls head. She doesn’t do it MALICIOUSLY, of course, but I realize she’s not exactly GOOD at interacting with other kids. And why should she be? But she does share her food with me, so at least she’s not totally self-centered…yet! 😉

    I did try to set-up a moms get together. Totally not my effing thing either, but I figured I would TRY it. I wanted time to talk to other moms and figured it would be good for my kid too. I’ll have to post about it, but basically it was a shit show. I caught her putting wet mud in her mouth about 3 times and I left fearing she was going to contract some sort of parasite. And the kicker was that one of the moms watched her as she was doing it and didn’t even say anything to me! You know, like, “your kid is scooping mud into her mouth!” Nope, she just smiled at her. HONESTLY!

    Anyway, it’s nice to hear someone else is wondering about the whole socialization thing too. I never thought it was an issue, but now that she’s walking, she wants to be busy so I have to find her stuff to do (and places to go).

    Supper club? Jeez, I’m SO moving to Baltimore when we sell this place, if only to try the yummy dishes you post about AND to have a glass of wine with you! I think that sounds like an awesome idea and I would totally join in!

    • Deni Lyn says:

      Ha! I’m sure Bubbs will be just fine with children. I think all children go through a little bit of an assertive phase. We know a toddler who I was certain was going to be a vicious pathological biter but he out grew it in a couple of months.

      And Mac definitely has no qualms about grabbing me aggressively when he’s frustrated so I’m certain if he feels it necessary, he’d haul off and do it with other children too.

      I cannot wait to see your post about the Mommy Group Fail. Do you see those women/kids regularly still?

      I don’t think we have to move YET, there are at least 4 kids Mac’s age on this block alone. Maybe this fall, once he starts walking confidently and the weather cools, I’ll take some initiative and seek out the parents/nannies for play time – even if we just run around outside the houses together. . .maybe if they are cool, I’ll even let them join the supper club. . .maybe. . . 🙂

  2. the speech monster says:

    okay i have a confession: i am also worried about this whole socialization thing for my son. and he is only 8 months old. I AM AN OVERBEARING PARENT. bleargh. anyway, here in australia the council set you up in a playgroup once your baby’s born and you can choose to join one or not. since we returned, i have been to one we were set up with and love it. tho it runs on a day that i might not be able to make pretty soon as i’m returning to work. like you, i wonder how much socializing a baby needs. but being away from home and relatives and friends i’ve known since forever, it’s hard. we are quite isolated here and honestly if i don’t go out seeking for other moms, i’m pretty sure benji will have zero ‘friends’ at his birthday parties and nobody but possibly single or unmarried coupled adults to hang out with (our social circle here before we had kids). i have to admit it’s hard work, networking. especially since i fell so comfortably into a good group in vancouver and then had to leave. all the time and effort you put into befriending people only to leave afterward….

    anyway sorry i went on about myself. i had also meant to write a post about this. maybe this will be my post. LOL!

    supper-club sounds like a tremendous idea!!! nothing like gathering around the dinner table. i’m sure you’ll have a good turnout. i know i would if i lived in your neighborhood!!! 😉


    • Deni Lyn says:

      Whew. Thanks for the confession. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one concerned. There’s no doubt Benji is going to be a fine well-adjusted little fellow no matter what. I honestly do not think previous generations of parents worried so much about such things. I should ask my own Mom and Grandmother. I had younger siblings and a few neighborhood friends but I don’t remember “play dates” (no have I seen photos of such events) until I was 3 or 4 and older. It seems given your circumstance, you will probably need to put forth more effort since you are away from all family and friends but Benji is still so young, I’d say enjoy your precious alone time with him now. . .while he still wants your undivided attention. Before we know it, they won’t even want to be seen with us dropping them off at elementary school! 🙂 I look forward to seeing more of your thoughts on the topic. I was looking for our “baby” and “parenting” books yesterday to see if they offered any guidance but was side-tracked. When I read up, maybe I’ll have more insight. I hope you have a wonderful day!

  3. kaiyasworld says:

    My daughter wasn’t around other children very often until I put her into daycare at 15 months. I remember at the daycare interview, my daughter picked up a fairly large sized rock and wung it right past the nose of one of the providers children. I was mortified.
    Then a couple months later, there was one girl that became the target of my daughter’s
    chompers on more than one occasion. We
    lovingly nicknamed her “the victim”. I was so afraid she was going to get tossed out of daycare, especially when I saw the teeth marks on “the victims” forehead and wrist.
    Eventually she grew out of the aggressive
    phase and learned how to socialize better with the other children. Now she just bosses
    everybody around- including me.

    • Deni Lyn says:

      I find this hilarious. . .Maybe not for you at the time, but now? Ba-hahaha. I especially love your final sentence “Now she just bosses everybody around – including me.” Cracks me up! I’m so glad she moved past her “aggressive phase.” I’m pretty sure most children go through similar right? Thanks for sharing!