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Am I Being Completely Delusional (Again)?

This is what we’ve been doing since Friday evening:

Yes.  We’re trying toilet training.  At 14 months.  In our kitchen.

And NO I haven’t read any literature about how this is supposed to work.

Maybe if I didn’t have to chase the kid around for 15 minutes to get a fresh diaper on him, I’d have more time to read.

I’m expecting a rash of comments telling me I’m nuts.

But so far we’ve had 2 days of relatively astounding success.

I’m firm in my resolve to be consistent.  (Because that works so well with our pets).

It can’t hurt to try right?

The comments are coming aren’t they?

I’ll read everyone.

Just as soon as I bleach this stupid potty seat AGAIN.   

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  1. Meghan says:

    haha.. looks like it’s going well! I dread the day that we start potty training. Like you, I have to chase Avery to get a diaper on and it usually ends in him screaming thru the whole thing because I won’t let him get up until I’m done. I can’t imagine him sitting on a potty for more than 2 seconds!

    • Deni Lyn says:

      You know, I was worried about that. But I put him on the “perch” and I sit in front of him with a book and read to him and he stays still until he’s “all done.” However, once he’s done, it’s off to the races again. Hopefully Avery will embrace the novelty too. Ha!

  2. Alice Fournier says:

    As the mom of 7 (5 boys), I feel compelled to reply – as soon as I can stop laughing. Just sayin’.

    • Deni Lyn says:

      I’m always happy to make folks laugh. 🙂

      I have zero expectations but consistently showed a couple of signs that now might be a good time to at least introduce the potty. If nothing else, he’ll at least sit there quietly and look at a book – giving me just a few minutes of peace. Ha!

  3. Erica M. says:

    Gah. Potty seats are something I simply can’t make myself do. We tried it with the first kiddo and I swore all I could smell all the time was kid urine. So we trashed it and went to the seat that goes on the toilet. MUCH better. Just be sure to tap it on the toilet, rinse it, spray it with a shot of cleaner and rinse again immediately after use or, um, dark yellow spots build up around the ring.

    • Deni Lyn says:

      Thanks for the tips Erica! We considered also getting the “seat for the seat” but I figured he’s so young, we had time to get one of them a little later.

      I feel like with a little boy, I’m going to be smelling urine (real or imagined) for years. I’ve gotta think the aim is (pardon the pun) piss poor for years. Ha!

      I think when I win the lottery (as if), I’m going to install a pint sized “real” toilet in our new mansion. And then I’m going to train the kid(s) AND the cats to us it. It would really free up more time for me to be pathetically lazy. Ha!

  4. Delusional? No. Brave? Yes. On to something? I really hope so!

    Please take lots of notes so that, in the event that it is successful, you can fill me in!!! Diaper changes are a total shit show (pun intended) around here!