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We’re Back. . .

So we’ve all lived to tell about our great adventure to Corolla, North Carolina.  I’m trying to get my thoughts together and get back in the swing of things so this post is going to be heavy on poor cell phone pics and light on the details until I can get my act better together, hopefully a little later this evening.

Mac was wholly unimpressed with our first stop at some little gas station somewhere in Virginia. . .I was wholly unimpressed with their coffee. It’s like they didn’t even TRY to make it fit for consumption.

The second stop was better – some little arboretum also in Virginia.

Mac’s seen a LOT of water in his short life but this was his first glimpse of the Atlantic Ocean. Seems he was too tired to give much of a damn.

This was as exciting as the birding got. Seriously? Who claims responsibility for this monstrosity?

This is NOT the sort of thing you want to see after you’ve driven nearly 2 hours to one of the world’s most renowned birding hot spots. Total wash out.

My swimsuit adjustments ensured there was zero nip-slip while Mac and I played in the pool. This kid LOVES water. . .well, not so much water for the purposes of cleaning oneself but any other water is just great.

The first stop on a grueling 17 hour return trip. . .a wildlife refuge not too far from Virginia Beach. (Yes, you read that correctly – nearly 17 hours).

Hour 15 or 16 of the return trip. . .Even the iPhone distraction started to become ineffective.  For some reason this reminds me of a Salvador Dali. . .