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Friday Funny: How Original

Look, it’s been a long week:

A.  I had to wage a war against snot.

B.  I had to pry my maternity panties out of my kid’s mouth at the Park the other day because unbeknownst to me, they were static-clung to the fresh burp cloth I had just offered him to wipe up said snot. . .(I KNEW I shouldn’t have stopped using dryer sheets for budgetary reasons!)

C.  I had to sit around on my fat ass and catch up on magazines.  (Blogs are next.  I owe sooooo many kind folks and awesome bloggers comments!)

D.  I had to formulate a convincing argument to effectively persuade my Husband to allow me to construct a teepee in our living room this weekend.

(In case you were curious. . .Me:  “Hey, I was wondering if you could help me make a teepee for me err Mac this weekend?”  Him:  “Ok.”  Well played Deni, well played.  You are a diabolical mastermind).

E.  Let’s not even mention the bad shed cycle the fat fluffy cat is currently in.

So my point is the best I could come up with for a Friday Funny was a pair of shorts I found lying on the street in the middle of Canton Square yesterday morning. . .and frankly, I didn’t find them that amusing. . .Nor am I motivated enough to put a funny spin on it. . .

So here’s what I suggest you do.  Click on this link and visit The Bloggess.  She’s wildly popular.  She will make you laugh until you cry.  (WARNING:  She curses more than I do, if that’s possible).  And most importantly, she just posted a hilarious multiple choice quiz which I think should be a fan-freaking-tab-u-lous way to kick off your weekend.

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