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Reluctant Mother is Guilty Again. . .

Seems there’s no limit to the guilt Mother’s have heaped upon them. . .both self-inflicted and from others.

Today, I’m apparently guilty of being. . .

Can you guess?  You’ll never guess. . .

An Aggressive Toilet Flusher!!

In a rare self-reflective moment, I will admit I can be aggressive but I swear I never specifically targeted the toilet as the object of my aggressions.

And yet here we are.

For several months now, I’ve been complaining that when I flush the upstairs toilet, it “misfires” causing that little mechanism in the tank to stick resulting in a lot of extra water running, running, needlessly running out of the tank and down the drain.

Most times, I make a concerted effort to listen for the water running and lift the top of the tank and jiggle the little metal arm until the “stopper” finally settles and the water stops running.  However, there are times, when the kid distracts me and the water has shamefully run for a long time.

I didn’t care for the environmental ramifications of this pesky toilet problem so I tried to quietly whine about it without sounding like I was nagging my Husband to actually fix the thing.

I’d mumble under my breath at least once every two days about how the toilet was becoming the bane of my existence and I was so tired of babysitting it too.

See here’s the thing:  men aren’t exactly programmed to register subtlety.  So the thing went unaddressed for months except for my monkeying with it on a daily basis.

But then something not-so-subtle occurred which definitely got my Husband’s attention:  We got our water bill.  And you know what?  As it turns out, an extra $200 worth of wasted water last quarter was exactly the kind of motivation my Husband needed.

As he sat at his desk staring incredulously at the bill, he mumbled, “It’s that toilet isn’t it?  This is why our water bill is so high.  It only runs  like that after you flush it.  You’re an aggressive flusher.  You can’t just crank up on the handle so hard.  It jams the mechanism.”

Well. . .Not to say I told you so. . .


And it wasn’t just me!

I pointed out it happened while my Mother was visiting too.

“You’re a family of aggressive toilet flushers!” Exclaimed my Husband.

So last weekend, it took my husband about 2 minutes and a small piece of duck tape to remedy the situation.  (So basically his going rate is $100 a minute based on our last water bill?)

And now I’m free to flush with as much gusto as I see fit without a worry in the world.

Except that I had to monkey with the toilet in the second bathroom this morning. . .

I’m willing to bet that one gets some attention from the Hubs in a hurry!