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Kid Has a Cold. . .Reluctant Mother Proves She’s a Hypochondriac. . .

Friday morning Mac started to look a little glassy-eyed. . .

And then his nose started to drip. . .

And he sounded a little hoarse. . .

And at 3:30 AM he was awake with a slight fever.

So I put him in bed with us.  It was a long night.

Saturday morning we decided to keep the weekend low-key so Mac could hopefully feel better faster.  We went to the grocery store.

And I started to feel this weird intermittent pain on my right side just below my rib cage.  It wasn’t a pain from the “inside” but more on the “outside.”

I started to obsess.  My liver is over there.  

What if I’m going into some kinda’ systemic organ shut down?

What if I have cancer?

What if I have some weird genetic disorder that you only see on the Discovery Channel?

I quietly checked myself for jaundice about 15 times.  I looked pretty haggard but not the least bit yellow.

For good measure I poked myself in the stomach a few times over the course of the next few hours. . .No obvious tumors.

What’s causing that pain?  I understand everyone dies. . .I’d just rather not die today.

I was beginning to fear a trip to the doctor.

But before I could get on WebMD and make myself completely insane, I had to get dressed for church.  And that’s when I noticed multiple little bruises all over that part of my body.

Teeny little blue and purple spots – exactly the size of Mac’s toes!

Imagine how happy I was to realize the kid was kicking me in my sleep!

In case you were wondering, Mac’s still not 100% but seems a tad better.  And yes, Saturday night I was very careful not to let the little bruiser kick me.

I can only handle one imaginary life threatening illness every 24 hours.  

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  1. Hope that little cutie feels better. Look at that little nose. Killer!

  2. Ha, I do the same thing!