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In Which Reluctant Mother Admits the Merits of a Station Wagon

What the fuck?

It was Sunday afternoon.  Mac was napping and Chris was watching the O’s game while I prepped dinner.

Me:  “Have we even driven the convertible in the past two weekends?”

Chris:  “I don’t know”. . .blows his nose into a CLOTH napkin!!!  He’s apparently suffering from the same eck that Huggy Bear has.

Me:  “Well how much do you think my car is worth?”

Chris:  “A few grand. . .why?”

Me:  “Because I’ve been eying up the Passat Wagons. . .a used one maybe?  No car payments.  I’d even take a Jetta wagon.”

And then perhaps it would be appropriate if I had slit my throat with a paring knife. . .

TO DO:  Research bus transport. . .

TO STOP:  Dreaming about a fucking station wagon.  What the hell is wrong with you woman?!

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  1. Ouch. I refuse to get a station wagon OR a mini van. No, no, no!

    • Deni Lyn says:

      I know right?! I draw the line at a mini van. . .or maybe even SUV. But for some reason, I woke up and was all “hey, a station wagon wouldn’t be so bad.” We have big dogs and they would be easier to transport in a station wagon. I don’t know. We haven’t made any firm plans yet. I will be sad to see our little VW convertible go though. . .It was the first brand new car I ever owned. And I love the thing!

  2. Georgina says:

    We have a new (old) station wagon and I love it! I love fitting the baby, the buggy and the groceries without having to play ‘move the crap’ jenga. Also, like all cars, station wagons fit quite comfortably in fast-food drive-thrus…

    • Deni Lyn says:

      I’m really considering. My car is soooooo small it could practically fit in the actual drive thru window! 🙂 I’m certain I’m going to love all that additional space (which of course I’ll clutter immediately because I never keep a car clean. . .house yes, car no).