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Friday Funny: Quite Literally 50 Shades of Gray

Here’s a little story that made me laugh. . .

My Maternal Grandmother is almost 95 years old.  She’s a real firecracker and not too much gets past her, despite her failing eyesight and hearing.

She and my Mother live across the street from one another and every afternoon Grandma visits my Mom and they have lunch.

The woman who lives in the house beside my Grandmother is likely in her early 30s and recently divorced or separated from her Husband.

It’s a small town. . .and things tend to be VERY quiet at night.  My Mother’s bedroom is located at the front of the house and her second story windows overlook the street.  Therefore, if the windows are open, and the street is extremely quiet. . .well, sound very effectively travels.

On several occasions last week, the sound of the neighbor being very amorous with a new male suitor was traveling right into my Mom’s bedroom windows .

My Mother said she thought there was a cat dying in the street.

One day at lunch Mom told Grandma about it.

My Grandmother’s matter of fact response?

“Well maybe that’s why her Husband left her, she’s into rough sex.”



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