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Father’s Day. . .From the Drug Store

No. . .I didn’t purchase extra soft toilet paper or a girly magazine.  Although they would be great gifts. . .along with something adventurous from the prophylactic aisle.  And for me?  Jesus. . .Cough syrup and peanut butter cups. . .you know. . . 

Seriously.  I had little time.  And little budget.  This year.  Don’t worry, last year for Chris’s first Father’s Day, he got a watch that will hopefully be Mac’s someday.

This year, we are going simple. . .

Looking to focus our time and resources on spending as much quality time as we can with the kid. . .because I’m sure the he might appreciate it some day, when we’ve driven him completely out of his adorable little mind.

Couple the budgetary considerations with my inability and lack of motivation to get anywhere in suburbia to purchase something. . .

And will you end up with this:

1.  I purchased a small 4 x 6 photo album and some Avery removable write-on tabs.  I also purchased two of Chris’ favorite treats:  Swedish Fish and Grandma Utz Potato Chips. (Both of which might not make it to the final draft of this post.  Do you hear me Grandma Utz?!)

2.  The photo album had room for 24 photos.  So I chose 2 photo prints for every month from last Father’s Day until the present.  (June 2011 to May 2012).

3.  I placed the photos in the album in chronological order and used one of the tabs to note each Month/Year.

4.  The Album still looked a little generic.  Hmmmm. . .The album is intended to be a quick brag book that he can keep at his desk or in his messenger bag.  Something I can easily re-create in a similar fashion next year – even if I opt for a “bigger” gift. . .something that is a small token that becomes tradition.  I envisioned Mac decorating the album covers in some way when he’s older. . .but he’s not quite there yet. . .

5.  Commence happy hour.  Decide Modge Podge has never lead me astray. . .

Kid eats spaghetti like a champ.  Kid won’t sleep.  There might have been more happy hour. . .

6.  So I slathered the insides of the cover with Modge Podge and covered them with some paper I had on hand that resembled transit lines.  Then, with a thick Sharpie, I wrote every place I could remember that we had gone in the past year together – in a random way on the paper.

7.  Next, I fashioned a paper “sleeve” for the front of the album.  Simply fold the paper and glue it so it can slide easily on and off the front cover.  I think it just helps make the inexpensive photo holder look a little more special.

I considered writing something sentimental, but this is designed to be a “brag book” that he can share so I didn’t want anything too overtly personal or sentimental included.  However, when he looks at the inside covers, and sees all the places and things I’ve randomly scribbled, he’ll be plenty sentimental. . .I think. . .and if that doesn’t work there’s alway potato chips and candy.


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  1. Pattie Cruikshank says:

    What an adorable idea. I am sure he will treasure it!

  2. What a fantastic idea!

  3. MissMe says:

    Just wanted to say I really love you blog, Im always reading it so I feel like a thief for not leaving you a comment……