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You Can Accomplish This Before Your Effing Head Explodes: Good Words Wall Art

I have a problem with walls.  I don’t like them bare.  My Husband claims we are just a few wall hangings away from this place becoming a damned TGI Fridays.


I like what I like.

I like salon style wall displays.  A LOT.

I’m starting Mac one in his room above and around a hand-me down small roll-top desk.  The desk still needs some love. . .Maybe by the time he’s in high school. . .Sigh. . .Assuming the world runs out of wine and NCIS re-runs by then. . .

I purchased some little scrabble-tile looking wood letters at a craft store a couple of months ago.  I wasn’t sure what to do with them but I felt compelled to make the unnecessary couple-dollar expenditure.

The other evening in a fit of wine fueled creative impulse, I came up with a simple little filler for his room’s salon style wall.

Here’s How:

1.  Use a heavy bodied acrylic paint and medium-sized decent quality paint brush to positively glob the paint on the canvas.

2.  Allow the paint to dry for an hour or so depending on thickness of application.

3.  Using a clean brush and some modge podge, coat the backsides of the letters you wish to use and carefully press them into the paint.  (I opted for a random looking, kinda crooked application for the letters but you can use a string and ruler or similar guide and something to function as a spacer to get the letters perfectly straight and evenly spaced if you wish.)

4.  Allow the paint to dry completely.

5.  Using a clean dry brush, apply a coat or two of glossy finish Modge Podge over the entire canvas – letters and all.

I chose phrases like “give love” and “do good” for Mac’s room but I couldn’t help doing a little something funny for myself. . .In honor of all the asshats I encounter on a routine basis.

The possibilities are endless.  And the letters are lightweight so you could apply them to nearly any medium – cardstock, cardboard, etc.

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  1. hnMom says:

    That is a very cool idea, one I would never have thought of. But now, thanks to you, I too can hang something nice on my walls.

    • Deni Lyn says:

      Thanks. I didn’t do much looking around but it would be very cool if they made a much larger version of the letters. You could do a whole family Scrabble – the name of the places you were born and where Livi was born, the month you married, the month Livi was born, etc. A sentimental crossword puzzle type thing.