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Reluctant Mom Gets on Her Soapbox: We Can Do Better

My little mind is a sponge that shouldn’t be subjected to stupid human filth.

So if you’re new here, you should know most of my daily interaction with the public occurs in Patterson Park.  And I’m not happy about it.

I’ll bet you are thinking I’m yearning for more adult interaction.  That I’m starved for more interaction with people.  That I’m some lonely stay at home mom desperate to get out more.


Not a chance.

I see more than enough human behavior in that Park on a daily basis.  And sadly, most of it is appalling.

People are gross, and dirty, and foul-mouthed and rude. . .Even by my own sub-par standards.

I’d just rather be left alone.

There are unsupervised kids, wading in the boat lake to capture and torment frogs and turtles.  They raid birds’ nests for eggs.  Adults scream and spit and throw trash in the Lake.  Rude dogs run rampant, their owners oblivious.  And the bicycles?  Do not get me started.

Jesus, we all know half the time I’m guilty of being a royal douchebucket and I still feel like these losers are an entirely different species.

I’m certain I walk through that Park (or the grocery store) with my mouth agape at the diversity of bad behavior I witness.  But by far the thing I am most saddened by is the way people speak.  Specifically, the way they speak to children.

I’m well aware parents are human beings and we can’t all be expected to be some kind of surely high on oxytocin overload Michelle Duggar who speaks in a sweet soft voice about children practicing self-control and such simple shit 24/7.

We are not perfect and neither are our offspring.

But as imperfect as we may be, we are still responsible for setting an example for our children.

And when I hear adults needlessly screaming at children, using profanity, barking orders without the use of common courtesy words like please or thank you, when I see adults only criticizing harshly and not praising the good things children do, I get a little wild.

And yes, that means you too teachers who bring classrooms of children into the park everyday and do NOTHING but scream at them.  I see you every day.  I understand you have a lot of responsibility and a large group of rambunctious children but does that mean you can’t take the time to say please or thank you after you bark commands at them?  If my child were in your class, I would be OUT OF MY MIND angry at they way you were speaking to him.

How can you expect to raise a compassionate, considerate, polite child by NOT acting compassionately, considerately or politely to them?

If I can control my foul-mouthed, poorly mannered self around my own child and others, I’m certain I’m not asking too much of anyone else.

We can do better.  I know we can.  

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  1. hnMom says:

    I completely agree with you. It’s not that hard to figure out that our children learn from watching and listening to us. If we want them to be caring and pleasant kids then that’s how we need to treat them.
    I get so angry when we are out and people behave like rude and obnoxious … I just hope Livi doesn’t notice too much of it.

    • Deni Lyn says:

      I’m sure Livi doesn’t notice too much. And when she’s older it’s certainly a way to start a discussion about manners, respect, etc. I just feel so badly for the children who are subjected to that sort of language and behavior on a regular basis. No one is perfect and I really do try not to judge but it just breaks my heart that any child has to be subjected to that routinely.

      • hnMom says:

        I agree, it is heartbreaking to watch and one can only hope that it is a rare exception and does not happen on a regular basis.
        I am not so sure how much Livi notices and what she makes of it. She does observe everyone and everything very intently. But you are right, if nothing else, it will be a good conversation starter.

        • Deni Lyn says:

          Mac is the SAME WAY! So curious and observant and well, perhaps even nosey! He even cranes his neck to watch what other people are doing. . .stares and stares and studies everything. My Husband says he got this trait from me for sure. I suppose I can’t deny it! ha.

          • hnMom says:

            Ha, Livi does the same. Now that she’s walking, she sometimes walks up to people and then just stands there and stares at them.
            I have also always been an observer. To this day, I tremendously enjoy people watching and have been known to come up with stories about their lives. My husband just shakes his head and laughs.

          • Deni Lyn says:

            I love to people watch! We watched Mac stare down everyone in the market last evening. I hope he can make up stories about people too! That’s an excellent way to keep one occupied. 🙂