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You Can Accomplish This Before Your Effing Head Explodes: One Day Journal

I have all sorts of crazy stuff only half accomplished up in this joint.  Some of the projects are so daunting (painting all the bookshelves and woodwork in the basement, Mac’s 2011 book, my closet), I can’t even begin to contemplate doing them right now. .

It was raining here today and I knew I couldn’t get Mac out for a walk most likely. . .So how was I going to pass the extra time?

I decided to make a one-day journal. . .I have a serious paper and paste issue.

I found a cheap little spiral bound notebook lying around that I would likely never use and a bunch of scrap paper from various projects so gathered my supplies in the kitchen in the morning:

Scissors, Modge Podge (or white glue), a paint brush, scrap paper, and our Fuji Film Instax Mini Instant Camera (a camera that takes old school Polaroid-type photos the size of a credit card).

Then Mac and I went about our day.  We did the dishes, we folded the laundry, we played, and played, and played.

To give the journal a little extra interest, we colored with crayons for the first time (a great thing to commemorate).  When Daddy came home, I documented dinner and reading time.

I put the journal together throughout the course of the day.  I was following that kid around like some kinda’ crazy paparazzi but it was completely painless.  Dare I say fun, even?  No head explosions.  And I was left with a very satisfied feeling by finishing something – anything – in a day.

Here’s How:

1.  After gathering your supplies, take your brush and apply a thin layer of the adhesive to the cover of your journal (you could use an old book, any notebook, or fashion your own out of cardboard, paper, twine/ribbon, and a hole punch.  I find using a brush is superior to just squirting glue all over the paper.  A brush allows for a thin, even, uniformly applied layer, which helps the paper stay more smooth.

2.  Place a piece of decorative paper to the cover.  Press to adhere.  Trim up the edges with your scissors.  It doesn’t have to be perfect.  I like when the edges are slightly uneven.  I think it makes it more interesting.

3.  Get creative.  Add photos, stickers, ticket stubs, bits of map or brochures, journal with a Sharpie or pen.  You can make it as simple or as intricate as time allows.

4.  Repeat all steps until you are satisfied with your work and have documented everything you want to remember.  Don’t forget the back cover!

If you are using an old book or notebook, it’s likely you won’t have enough memorabilia from one day to fill all the available pages.  You can always tear out extra pages and save them for another use.

Consider glueing some ribbon to the back cover to fashion a tie or bookmark for the journal.

You could also use a conventional camera and print out pics at home or pick them up from a one-hour photo place.  There are so many fun ways to document a single day!  (Did I just type that all peppy-like it sounded in my head? Gag).

Maybe some day I’ll document a “bad day.”  Boy do I wish I had the wits about me to pull out the instant camera when this occurred!

The theme of our journal was “Mac’s Rainy Day Journal.”  On a few pages, I wrote quotes about rain ala “The sun did not shine.  It was too wet to play.  So we sat in the house.  All that cold, cold wet day.” – Dr. Seuss

I included photos of the pets and toys dinner and lunch – random and mundane things – but still big parts of our day.

Also, I cut out parts of the page we colored together to fashion some of the background pages for the journal and made sure to note that today was the first day Mac ever ate err used a crayon.  He ate blue.  I could tell from his expression he thought it was sublime. . .well that and based upon his wails of protest when I finally extracted it from his angry little fist. . .

This project is so simple and can be so crazy cool, cute, impressive!  Grandma would love a little book.  Give one to Daddy to keep in his pocket or desk.  I know we all have iPhones and computers and tablets but there’s still something awesome about actual photo prints and paper journals.  You could document an entire day, week, or just an hour or two.  You could document a big occasion or small.  You could do this for anyone – it doesn’t have to be geared towards children – bridesmaids, birthdays, thank you hostess gifts. . .

Very versatile.

If you are curious about the camera start here.  (That thing is awesomesauce).

Need more inspiration?

Lil’ Blue Boo has fabulous Journal ideas and projects.

My idea for a “Rainy Day Journal” came from here.

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  1. the speech monster says:

    oh, my, thanks for sharing this…i’ve been meaning to do a cut and paste journal since i fell pregnant with benji but uhm yeah, let’s just say it’s still on my “to do” list. 😉 just seems too hard! what a nice project to do on a rainy day!

    • Deni Lyn says:

      Glad you liked it! I have so much STUFF that I need to gather, scan and get into a bound memory book. It’s been piling up for a year! But I figured in the meantime, this would be fun and easy. I just made pages at my kitchen counter as Mac was playing. It was great because it was FAST and I didn’t feel a lot of pressure to make all the formatting perfect. Just read your post about Benji’s hip. GREAT NEWS! 🙂