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Stuff We Love: Jen Lancaster

Before the arrival of our adorable little spit up and pee factory, I read voraciously.  I read indiscriminately – almost any topic or type of book.  I have always LOVED to read.

I never understood people – my husband and mother included – who said every time they tried to read a book, they would fall asleep.  I could stay up until all hours finishing a book, no matter what I had planned at school or work the following day.

I get it now.  Now, I fall asleep drooling on my iPhone, while reading blogs before bed. I’ve awakened in the middle of the afternoon with a magazine plastered to my face.  And books?  Oh my, it’s shameful, I haven’t touched a book in weeks maybe months!

There is however, one NYT Best-Selling Author that keeps me so amused, I can devour her books whole before succumbing to exhaustion:  Jen Lancaster.

She’s positively hilarious!

If you’re curious, check out her blog:  Jennyslvania

Also?  Check out this hilarious article she recently wrote for The Huffington Post.  It had my Husband laughing out loud too!  Child-Free By Choice

9 Responses to “Stuff We Love: Jen Lancaster”

  1. calibamamom says:

    OMG. That article is hilarious!! Thank you for sharing it. What makes it even funnier to me is that I live in California…the mecca of Whole Foods, Sprouts Market, and Trader Joe’s…and I know moms/kids just like that. Meanwhile, my 6-six year old, refuses to eat anything but peanut butter sandwiches, pasta and GoGurt! Okay… to be fair, when we go out for sushi, she does eat miso soup with extra tofu and edamame beans 🙂
    Still, I get it….and LOVE IT!

    • Deni Lyn says:

      Jen Lancaster is definitely hilarious. I’ve only been to California once (San Francisco – and just briefly) but I could tell it was a way different world than typical blue collar Baltimore! Do you shop at the grocers you mentioned? Sometimes I avoid them – just to avoid the kids/moms discussed in the article! Our little guy had a wee bit of miso soup a few weeks ago. He was ok with it, but I think he’d just as soon have a banana (so far he doesn’t even demand organic). Ha!

      • calibamamom says:

        LOVE San Fran….my best gay boyfriend from college (all women need one, I think) lives there and every time I’ve visited, I swore I was relocating—-mostly because I adore second-hand & vintage shops, and anything that even remotes screams “music festival frequenting hippie”! Then Andy reminds me how bad the parking situation is up there, and that it is, in fact, the most EXPENSIVE city in the universe to live in. And it gets cold there. REALLY cold. So there.
        SoCal is very different. We have pockets of San Franny areas, mixed with sprawling suburbs and gated communities, and urban areas like NYC. The Man and I have lived all over this city, from Koreatown to the Westside to the SFV, and everywhere in between. Seriously. There are things I love about each and every location, yet things I despise. Can’t have it all in one place, right?
        If I want to spend an entire paycheck on groceries, I go to Whole Foods. If I want the family to eat healthy, but need to stick to a bugdet, I shop at Trader Joe’s, holding my “Cooking With All Things Trader Joe’s” cookbook while perusing the aisles. If it’s convenience I’m after, or I am looking for ingredients to make a recipe of my mama’s…I go to good ole Von’s, Albertson’s, or Ralph’s. Usually, it’s option 3…but I AM diligent about taking in my own reusable bags 🙂

        • Deni Lyn says:

          I do really hope to get back to the west coast sometime for an extended vacation. I know it’s stunning! We have a Whole Foods not far from the house. I seldom go there – too expensive. . .but there is the entertainment value of some of those snooty shoppers! We have Trader Joe’s in the area and I used to shop there a lot more (close to my former work). I always complained their parking lots are a nightmare. Seems every location has the smallest and most treacherous parking situation. Usually, we make a weekly run to Giant.

          I’d like to join a Farmer’s Market co-op for our fruits and veggies – but I researched them and their drop off/pick up times/locations made me wonder how I would ever manage to pick up the food timely!

          I only wish I remembered the bags more often! (Typically, they are in my trunk and I still forget). Grrr.

          • calibamamom says:

            We have a local farmer’s market we attend on Sundays, when we remember. And for awhile, I belonged to a co-op….CSA…Community Supported Agriculture…I believe it was called. Locally grown, seasonal, organic fruits and veggies. But they didn’t deliver, and picking up became a headache while juggling the schedules of 3 kiddos. Plus, seasonal doesn’t always mean you like what you get….lol.
            And the bag thing…my 12 year old is responsible for grabbing them out of the trunk. Fortunately, she is very eco-conscious and always remembers!

          • Deni Lyn says:

            We have farmers markets here too. And we go when we can but often they are a mob scene. I really did want to do a CSA – we aren’t picky so we would eat anything they grow. . .However, your comment confirms my suspicions about the difficulty in picking up the deliveries.

            It’s great your daughter helps with the shopping. Could she tweet me “OMG – don’t forget your bags” every Thurs evening before I go to the grocery?

            Actually, maybe she should develop her own eco-app for forgetful but good intentioned folks like me!?

          • calibamamom says:

            While the CSA pick-up was a hassle, I must credit them with my introduction to purple potatoes. Don’t know how I grew up in the South and never knew about purple potatoes. Now I search for them in the store!

            The eco-app is a great idea. Although, I suspect the reminder app on most smart phones might work just as well? 🙂

  2. hnMom says:

    Oops, I did it again. Sorry to “burden” you with another award but I can’t help myself. Without your post my blogging experience would be only half as much fun. And without your comments, I would not feel so welcomed and understood. 🙂
    Oh, this time it’s the Sunshine Award and details will be on my blog tomorrow morning.

    • Deni Lyn says:

      That is so kind of you to say! I have a couple of posts I must do for a few of these more recent awards and hopefully in the next day or two, I’ll have them posted. Thank you for thinking of me!