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A Little Love Note to A Woman And Her Border Collie

Dear Woman with Stroller and Big Beautiful Border Collie,

I have seen you near the Patterson Park Boat Lake on multiple occasions over the past several weeks.  The weather has been nearly perfect and I’m glad to see you are taking yourself, your daughter, and your dog out for some fresh air and exercise.

I’m sure you’ll agree, the Boat Lake is especially wonderful this time of year.  There are mallards with ducklings, and kinglets, and thrashers, and thrushes, and widgeon, and heron, towhees, creepers, and flickers, red-winged blackbirds, and warblers.  Not to mention turtles and squirrels!

You might have noticed on your walks there are also plenty of people fishing the Lake, sitting quietly beside the Lake, taking photographs of the flora and fauna. . .families with small children, folks with other dogs. . .

You did notice right?  You’re there almost every day.

It appears you enjoy the Lake very much.  I’ve even seen you and your daughter feed the ducks.

Yet, I feel like you don’t actually appreciate the Lake.  It also appears you do not much respect people or care that much for nature. . .

In fact, it appears you don’t even care about your own dog. . .

Because every damned time I see you, your positively obnoxious dog is tearing around the lake at break-neck speed, running into the reeds where ducks are nesting, chasing squirrels, barking incessantly, approaching other dogs recklessly, and digging holes under trees.  All the while you walk entirely too far behind him, with a stupid grin on your face and his worthless leash dangling around your fat neck!!!!!

The first time I saw you, I tried to give you the benefit of the doubt.  Perhaps your dog just really needed exercised?  I know border collies require a lot of stimulation.

The second time I was appalled and speechless.

The third time, I was so angry and disgusted with you I started thinking immature mean girl things about how fat your ass looks in those ridiculous spandex capris you wear all the time.

You know what?  When I revert to mean girl thoughts, I’m clearly harboring waaaaaay too much resentment.

So, there is no fourth time.  The next time I see you, I’m calling whatever number I need to call to report a leash violation.

You might know leash violations cost upwards of $1000 in these parts.

Yeah, I’m probably being harsh, but consider it tough love.  And by tough love, I mean my concern for your dog.  If he can’t be controlled, he needs to be leashed for his own safety.  One of these days he’s going to confront the wrong dog, chase something into traffic, or even stumble upon the fox everyone has been seeing.  It’s for his own safety.

If you are not concerned about your dog’s safety or the interests of others in the vicinity of the Lake, including the little girl who cried as you dog barreled towards her and those squirrels he aggressively treed today, you should pay.  Ultimately the dog isn’t the asshole terrorizing the park, you are.

What is wrong with you?  Put your dog on a leash already!

Much Love (to the dog), Deni

As an aside:  I have no problem with any breed of dog.  I love all dogs.  We have two large dogs ourselves.  I have no problem with dogs being off-leash if they are well-trained, well-behaved, and it’s appropriate given the circumstances.  Also, I have never reported a dog off-leash.  Hopefully, I’ll never witness something so egregious as this, which would necessitate my doing so in the future.  

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  1. locololo says:

    I love this! Well said..and well written 🙂

    • Deni Lyn says:

      Thanks! I was very tempted to punch her in the neck yesterday but writing this was actually more cathartic. 🙂

      • locololo says:

        I have a tendency to vent like this on my Facebook page, I figured I’d quit forcing my fiends to listen to my long rantings and rant on my blog fom now on. Lol

        • Deni Lyn says:

          I love the “fiends” typo. Hmmmm. . .something deeper going on there? I don’t Facebook so I’m glad you started your blog. . .I can hear all about it too!

      • locololo says:

        You don’t Facebook!? How is that even possible? I thought everyone did. *gasp*

        • Deni Lyn says:

          I KNOW! It’s my dirty secret! For years, because of my work, I couldn’t do much online, unless it was anonymous. And now we know so many folks that have honestly divorced because of Facebook, it just didn’t seem worth bothering with it. . .I’d rather blog. And one point I did set up a basic profile so it could still be out there, but I don’t do anything with it. AND? I’m still alive! ha!

  2. Print it out and post / start handing it out around the park. Have large dogs – always on leash….frequently “charged” by wild unleashed dogs. Does get tiring.

    • Deni Lyn says:

      Thanks for the great idea! I know I’m being a complete bitch about this but it’s not just bothering me – it’s the wildlife, other people, other dogs. I guess some folks just have different ideas of what’s acceptable and that’s ok. However, in this case she’s also violating a law that was established for the public’s protection – which sticks in my craw (wherever my craw is?)

  3. locololo says:

    Oh awesome. I just typoed my friends into “fiends” hehee

  4. I completely agree with you!!! I hate how people blatantly disregard the “rules” because someone they fell that they are special and they just don’t apply to them!!! Make that call! 😉

  5. I have a really, really playful pitbull. He scares the bejesus out of people as he runs full speed toward them to lick their hands. It took one incident for me to realize that being off leash, going from the car to the house, was way too much for him. When a lady jumped on top of a car with her teeny white poodle as she screamed and cried in horror as I tried running as fast as my fat feet could take me to catch up to them (eight months pregnant, mind you), I kept praying that no one would call the police because he just wanted to play. I had common sense, though. This lady seems like a jerk. One incident is a fluke. The rest is just smugness and irresponsibility.

    • Deni Lyn says:

      Oh, you poor thing, chasing after your pups that pregnant! I personally have no problems with pit bulls – they are some of the nicest dogs I’ve met. We understand sometimes dogs just act on instinct or cues from their environment – that’s part of what makes them dogs! I’m glad no one called the authorities in one dog moment of weakness, as you are clearly a very responsible pet owner!

  6. locololo says:

    I can’t directly reply to your comment above… But yes Facebook can become a relationship issue. It’s irritating, lol

  7. calibamamom says:

    I love this rant. Print, post and hand out!!! Make sure she gets one too, so she knows it’s about HER. Sometimes public embarrassment is just the remedy for people who think they can get away with blatant, inconsiderate behavior. Gets up in my craw too…lol.

    • Deni Lyn says:

      It might come to this! I have a post I need to finish with an update about this situation!

      • calibamamom says:

        Can’t wait!
        Also, I have a question unrelated to the topic… How did you get the copyright statement on the bottom of your blog? Is that an option in WordPress? I need one, and don’t know how to put it down there!!!

        • Deni Lyn says:

          As best as I could tell, WordPress didn’t have an option – So I added my own footer.

          Honestly, I don’t know if legally, this is a sufficient notice. I went to law school but NEVER studied a thing about intellectual property. And instead of taking the time to research it properly or ask a friend that did study intellectual property (which would have been the logical thing to do), I Googled a few similar disclaimers and patched something together.

          You are free to use my wording if you want. However, please know, this isn’t legal advice, and I’m not sure it even constitutes “protection” should someone unfortunately steal your content.

          I had always figured once I started adding more content, I would look into the legality of everything and see what other steps I needed to take. And of course, that hasn’t happened yet.

          On the flip side, I can’t imagine anyone wanting to improperly use my random drivel and spouting of snark. Ha!

          • calibamamom says:

            Thanks for the “unofficial”, non-legal, advice and permission to use your wording! My sister writes poetry and fiction, and consulted with a copyright attorney who basically told her, if it’s truly an original work that you write, once it’s out there….it’s automatically copyright protected. Or something like that. At any rate, your footer makes it look official and intimidating enough that I bet your average person would think twice before stealing content 🙂

            But I don’t know how to “add my own folder”. Dammit.

          • Deni Lyn says:

            Well that’s pretty cool. That might be the case, since some very well reputed blogs, don’t have any sort of obvious legal-ease .

            I’d love to see some of your sister’s work! Does she have a blog? Is she published?

            I can’t exactly remember how I did it, but I think I used the part of the dashboard that had to do with appearance and there’s a place where you can add a footer and “custom text” and I added my weasel words into a custom text footer.

            Play around a little and see if that helps. If not, let me know, and I’ll figure out exactly how I did it and I’ll email you step by step.

            I hope this helps. I’m not trying to be less than helpful – I honestly don’t remember how I did it. And for a while it didn’t show up. And then I drank 3/4 of a bottle of wine and made it show up again. LOL.

            Seriously, let me know if you have trouble, I will definitely help you figure it out!

          • calibamamom says:

            My poet-sister used to have a blog, and then she decided to write a novel and couldn’t keep up. So she stopped the blog, and left that to me…lol. Her first novel just went to an editor, so I’ll keep you posted. On the other hand, my oldest sister is an artist, and if you are interested at all in seeing gorgeous calligraphy, visit her site at http://www.penandpauper.com . Oh, and HER oldest daughter, my niece, is a published author, and her novels can be found at http://www.ryanandersonart.com/. So, maybe it runs in the family?
            Oh, I never thought you were trying to be less than helpful! I have been tinkering around with it all morning, and can’t seem to figure it out though. I’m also toying with the idea of changing my “theme” template, but I can’t decide on one I want.

            Maybe I’ll try the wine thing….with beer 🙂

          • calibamamom says:

            I FIGURED IT OUT!!! and didn’t even have to resort to liquid intelligence…lol 🙂
            And I chose a new theme too…finally.

          • Deni Lyn says:

            Can’t wait to check it out. . .and toast you (as appropriate!)

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