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Stuff We Love: Amazon Subscribe & Save

I love shopping for anything darling.  I hate shopping for utilitarian stuff:  trash bags, dog biscuits, toothpaste.  Furthermore, if I set foot in a place like Target where all that utilitarian stuff resides with other awesome darling goods, chances are, I’m walking out of the joint with a wallet a little lighter than my Husband would like.

Additionally, there are only so many weekends between now and when Mac decides he cannot stand the sight of us and I’d prefer Chris and I spend them together with Mac as often as possible without wasting a Saturday morning schlepping around cat litter and laundry detergent.

If you are similarly minded, may I introduce to you Amazon Subscribe & Save?  Don’t get all twitchy and commitment-phobic on me!  I swear it’s easy and flexible.

You pick items you use frequently from their subscribe & save section of the store.  They are discounted slightly and ship for free!!!!!!  You tell them how often you want to receive the item and that crap magically arrives at your door.

Aside from Satan’s Lap Hound going wild on his nemesis the UPS man, I find whole process delightful magical even.  You never have to worry about running out of baby wipes or toilet paper again and you never have to set foot in a store to get it.

There is no subscription fee and you can cancel at any time.  It does appear they reserve the right to change their prices so you likely need to keep on eye on that if you are super cost conscious or are obsessed with getting the best deal available.  The subscriptions are easily manageable and if you over-estimated your supply needs, you can request to skip the next shipment.  However, they have shipping options as infrequently as every six months so it’s very flexible.

All it takes on your part is a little figurin’ and order entry.  How many blasted baby wipes does one kid need?!  And, because you can securely store your payment and shipping info to your account, ordering an item takes about 3 simple clicks.  You can even do it before your head effing explodes!

I should note, all opinions in the “Stuff We Love” posts are my own.  I’m not compensated in any way to feature the products I do.  It’s just stuff we truly love because it makes our world a little happier or easier or prettier or more yummy, etc.

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  1. We’re huge S&S fans for Diaper Genie refills and Plum Organics squeeze packets. The prices can’t be beat!!