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Products We Love: BOB Revolution Stroller

Thanks to the generosity of friends, we ended up with nearly all the baby gear we could ever want or use when we found out we were expecting Mac.  I did however, insist on a brand new stroller.  I did a little looking around.  I’m not much of a comparison shopper and frankly reading baby gear reviews makes me confused as hell, but after a minimal amount of research, I was convinced the BOB Revolution was for us.

It folds up super fast and easily.  It’s well made – and dear lord do we abuse it!  It maneuvers very easily in tight spaces.  It has great shocks making it easy to use on hiking trials and city streets.  It’s appropriate for jogging once the little one achieves a certain size and the ability to keep his head stable.  It has a large canopy plus a fantastic sunshade (sold separately).  There’s decent storage below the seat and a nice mesh pocket on the back.  It’s incredibly comfortable for us to push thanks to a padded and tall handle bar.  I love the easy to use 5 point harness.  It feels very sturdy and secure to me.

My list of cons is much shorter:  It’s not cheap.  It’s not very well padded.  Mac obviously hasn’t complained and always seems comfortable in it, however, I think perhaps some other strollers I’ve seen look more “cushy.”

There is an infant seat attachment sold separately.  We didn’t purchase it, and probably for the first 4 weeks, Mac was just too small to comfortably place in it.  However, this wasn’t an issue for us given the hot weather following his birth, so depending on your lifestyle and the time of year your child is born, you might not even need the infant seat converter.

If you have an active lifestyle – i.e., love being outdoors, walking or running and need a well made stroller, that folds easily and compactly, I would highly recommend you take a look at what BOB has to offer.  I looked online for our model but I’ve noticed REI also sells some models in their stores.

Big Thanks to Mac’s generous godparents who gifted him his BOB.  Now we can torture him with outdoor activities until he’s at least 70 pounds!