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Special Delivery

Usually our snail mail consists of bills, solicitous shit for a long dead fellow, and Land’s End catalogues. Usually the minute Chris walks in the door all the pets go racing towards him and Mac starts screaming “GAH, Gah, Gah!!!” Usually, Chris throws all the mail on the desk, acknowledges the cats and dogs and heads straight towards Mac. Tonight,
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Easily My Most Evil Genius Idea To Date!

The other day I wanted a cookie.  Ok. I wanted 5 cookies but let’s keep that between us. I stopped purchasing cookies at the store quite some time ago.  My husband claimed I was trying to kill him because he frequently lacks the self-control to eat an appropriate serving size.  In the alternative, he claimed I was causing marital discord
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You Can Accomplish This Before Your Effing Head Explodes: 45 Minute Sock Bunnies

I can’t take credit for this fast and adorable Easter craft.  That creative genius Ashley over at Lil Blue Boo offered up this goodie a few weeks back.  Since she mentioned the socks cost $2.50 a pair at Target, I couldn’t resist. I’m a sucker for anything made out of a sock! Her tutorial is flawless and super-easy to follow.
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