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Friday Funny: Expanding Your Cultural Horizons

Last weekend we drug Mac to Montpelier Mansion for a self guided tour.  In an auxiliary building there was a small exhibit celebrating ethnic diversity in America.

Children are asked to record on a post card something they would like to do in the next few months to expand their cultural horizons.  The museum would mail the post cards to remind them of their goals.

There was one post card in the basket the day we visited.  It was by a little girl named Madison.

Do you know how Madison was planning to broaden her cultural horizons in the next few months?

That’s correct.

Madison “would like to get a chihuahua.”

Now riddle me this?  If this kid is smart enough to correctly spell chihuahua, why does she apparently lack the insight necessary to understand getting a four pound, trembling, ankle biter from a puppy mill isn’t really expanding your cultural horizons?

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  1. 4eyedblonde says:

    Oh my Lord, that is so funny! It reminds me of a web redemption shown on Tosh.O a while back where a TV reporter pulled a child aside to interview him about his face paint. The reporter asked him what he thought of his zombie make up and the kid replied, “I like turtles.”