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Remember Crazy Neighbor Guy?

A few weeks ago, you might recall I had an encounter with our eccentric, or more accurately, crazy neighbor.  He was predicting the collapse of society due to certain neighboring homeowners’ inability to maintain a leaf free sidewalk.

If he’s correct, forget the Mayan calendar, everything should be ending any minute now.  Here’s why:

As I had mentioned previously, one house separates us from Crazy Neighbor.  The residents of this house are young, bright, and no doubt busy (hereafter referred to as Christmas Tree Guy).  Crazy Neighbor had taken personal offense to the fact that Christmas Tree Guy had brought home a live Christmas tree and failed to sweep up the stray needles which were blowing onto Crazy Neighbor’s sidewalk.   “They STAIN the sidewalk!  They must be dealt with immediately!”

This past Sunday Chris and I took Mac out for some birding.  We were gone for the majority of the afternoon.  Upon our return as we approached our house, both of us saw it immediately.  There were dry pine needles all over Christmas Tree Guy’s front steps, sidewalk, AND thanks to a slight breeze, Crazy Neighbor’s sidewalk too.  PLUS, there was an abandoned tree stand off to the side of the steps!

I started cracking up.  Here comes the end of the world!  

Of course I assumed Christmas Tree Guy had just removed the tree and perhaps would fetch at least the tree stand momentarily.

Well. . .it’s still THERE!  Along with an abundance of those bitch ass pine needles that stick so perfectly in Crazy Neighbor’s craw.

So for the past 3 days, every time I have to leave the house, I peer out our door’s peephole just to make sure 1) the world isn’t actually crumbling around us and 2) that Crazy Neighbor isn’t out there so I don’t have to hear his wrath again.

I could sweep up the needles, and it will likely come to that in a few hours before all this rain starts and Crazy Neighbor loses his shit completely.  But what about that stand?  Anyone care to wager how long it will stay there before the world actually ends or Crazy Neighbor sets it on fire?

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