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You Can Accomplish This Before Your Head Effing Explodes: Nearly No-Sew Winter Hat!

Apologies that it’s taken me a little while to get back to my hat project. The tutorial photos are not stellar because I was taking them late last evening. . .Here goes anyway:

MATERIALS:  Sharp Scissors, sewing machine, thread (plus threaded bobbin), ruler or measuring tape, straight pins, washed and dried fleece fabric (amount dependent on size of hat). You could also hand sew this project if you are patient. A serger would be perfect for this project.  I’m just scared shitless of mine and haven’t learned how to use it yet!

INSPIRATION?  A hat I purchased at Target quite a few years ago.

1.  Measure the circumference of you victim’s err hat-wearer’s head.  Seems average adults measure approx. 24 inches around.

2.  Construct the band that will go around forehead and over ears.

  • Measure out one rectangle of fleece the length needed for the circumference of the head adding an inch or two for seam allowance.  The height of the rectangle should be at least 5 inches tall.
  • You might want it as tall as 8 or 10 inches if you want to be able to fold up the band once.
  • Fold the rectangle in half  lengthwise wrong sides facing out.  Press crease with your finger.  Pin along the open length.  Sew along the pins with a simple straight stitch being sure to back-stitch at both ends to secure the thread.
  • You should essentially have a tube.  Trim any excess
    fabric at the sewn seam.
  • Turn the tube right side out so the seam is inside. Using your fingers, smooth out the tube so the seam is relatively straight at the “top” (facing 12 o’clock) of the tube.

3.  Cut out the fleece that will become the top part of the hat.   You will need another fleece rectangle.  It should be the circumference of the head plus a little extra for seam allowance – just like the band.  In terms of height, 10 or 12 inches should be sufficient for an average adult.  The taller you make this part of the rectangle, the longer the “pom-pom” at the top.

4.  Assemble the hat.

  • Take the band piece and place it down on your work surface with the sewn seem side facing up/North/12 o’clock.  Place the fleece hat top rectangle on top of the band allowing a 1/4 or 1/2 inch overlap.  Pin the full length with straight pins.
  • Run the pieces through the sewing machine sewing a straight stitch over the pins to attach the band to the hat top.  Be sure to back-stitch at the start and finish to secure the stitch.
  • Trim any excess fabric at the seam.
  • Now keeping the hat wrong side out fold the fabric in half side to side (from 3 o’clock to 9 o’clock).
  • Pin the open edges together with straight pins.
  • Go back to the sewing machine (last time I promise) and sew a straight stitch along the pins making sure to back-stitch at both start and finish of the line you sew.
  • Trim any excess fabric along the seam.

5.  Finish the Hat

  • Turn the whole hat right-side out.  It should be a tube open at the top and bottom (band obviously at bottom or 6 o’clock position on your work surface).
  • Place so the vertical seam running up the side of the hat is flat on the work surface bottom center.
  • Finger press fabric flat against the work surface.
  • Gather the top of the hat in your fist – just bunch it up kinda neatly.  No need to be perfect.
  • Tightly tie a strip of scrap fleece at the bunch you created with your fist.
  • Stand the hat up.  You might want to fit test on your victim at this point to make sure you have the hat tied at an appropriate height.
  • Carefully take your scissors and cut vertical strips at the top of the hat making cuts down to the tied-off portion.
  • You could also add extra tie-offs of scrap fleece to make your pom-pom fuller.  You could tie off with contrasting scrap fleece to fashion a multi-colored pom-pom.  And you could use your scissors to make angled cuts at the ends of the fleece strips to make the pom-pom look a little more “finished.”  

6.  Admire your nearly no-sew pom-pom winter hat!

I do have a hat give-away planned for later this week so be sure to check back.

If you have any questions about this tutorial, please be sure to comment or email me and I’ll do my best to clarify.

If you try this tutorial, I’d love to see your creative spins on it.  Please be sure to send me pics/info.  Please feel free to share this tutorial, please just be sure to reference my blog or link back to this post when doing so.

Happy stinking hat making!