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The Night of Candy-Fueled Insanity

Last night was Mac’s first trick or treating experience.  We made it down one side of our block before he started to melt-down.  That wasn’t such a bad thing, considering he can’t eat candy yet and neither my husband nor I wanted a bunch of it in the house.

Chris took Mac inside to de-chicken costume him and attempt to troubleshoot this most recent case of crankies.  That left me to sit on the stoop distributing candy to the trick or treating masses that converge on our block every year.

And every year I am taken aback by these masses.

It’s not the kids.

It’s the parents!!!!!

I had one mother REACH INTO MY CANDY larder, grab a fist-full and state “Some for Mommy.”

I can assure you Mommy did not look that hungry.  

Since when is it acceptable for the parents to ask for (or take by near force) candy?!  What is it with these assholes?  What kind of adult becomes rude and candy-crazed over a handful of Tootsie rolls?  And what are they doing raising children?