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You Can Accomplish This Before Your Head Effing Explodes – Trick or Treat Bag

This is Mac’s first Halloween.  He has a costume but not a bag or bucket to stash his little trick or treat treasures in. . .

Until now.

I swear I’ve been meaning to give this little project some attention before now, I’m not a completely wretched Mother.  It just didn’t happen.  Trust me, I am likely that wretched.

Mac was a little reluctant to sleep so I had him in the Sleepy Wrap and I was drinking err ransacking my train-wreck-of-a-mold-remediation-project-basement looking for an appropriate Trick or Treat Bag.

I located a muslin bag that came with Mac’s building blocks.  I’ve placed his blocks in very child friendly glass jars on his top nursery shelves until he’s ready to play Jr. Engineer and I was reluctant to get rid of the bags.  However, before this evening, I wasn’t exactly sure what I was going to do with said bags.


With Mac still strapped on my chest, wide awake and giggling, I quickly ironed the muslin bag.  Then I used some felt scraps I had on hand to cut out a free-hand pumpkin, stem, and leaves.  I used the felt and some Aleene’s Sticky Tac Glue to cover up the silk screened logo on the muslin bag.

I was considering adding bats, glitter, or other embellishments but then I realized, I could also use the minimally decorated bag to cover and transport a pumpkin pie come Thanksgiving.


If I have time tomorrow, I’ll do a little whipstitching around the embellishment edges with some embroidery floss.  If you are way less lazy than I, you could zig-zag or serge the edges of the felt.

Happy Haunting Everyone!!!

PS  This idea translates just as readily to a plain brown paper bag.  Might make a great craft for children just before Halloween.  The bag probably won’t be re-useable for Thanksgiving Holidays but it’s easily recyclable.

PPS This barely cuts into your drinking err football err bonding with child time at all.  It took 10 minutes tops to complete!